Sunday, 25 December 2011

Merry Cristmas !!

Hello People,
Wish you all Merry Merry Christmas.Hope you're Having great holidays and our Santa must have fulfilled all your request.We do not celebrate the Christmas here but i love the way market and mall are decorated for the Christmas and new year celebrations and we are going for shopping followed by a dinner date.. :)
This outfit was in my drafts since weeks but i could not post it. So thought of posting it with the Christmas wishes.. :)

On Me : Jeggings: Levis, 
Top: Splash worn as Tank here
Shoes: Marks & Spencer
Bag: Oestrogen
Ring, Bracelet, stud, neckpiece : Crunchy Fashion

Now i am going to get ready for my todays' plan and You guys enjoy the post.

With Love 

Saturday, 3 December 2011

A Few Realizations !!

A few things about me that i have realized lately:
** I am getting bored with the things very easily. I start something with my full energy and than after a certain period of time, its all over and i have to move on to something else.
** I cannot resist the wastage of energy resources like power, water ( at least at my house) and can every stop doing anything to close a light/ fan or water tape that is not in use.
** I need one more vacation. I know i am just back from a vacation but i am not recharged to get back to work and need a really looonnng vacation(yes, this much long only)
** Working for your own gives you more satisfaction than working for someone else. Mr Husband used to tell this always but i am realizing it now.
** My time to reach office is even reaching 11 am now(i used to reach office by 10 am before while my office starts with 9 am) as i can't wake up early in the morning. In-fact i woke up late than before.
** Its better to directly say NO instead of just talking about here and there and than feel bad.
** Mr Husband is out of town again and I MISS him. :(
** I still miss my cosmetics that i lost with my bag.
** When you enter into a new task/world, only after that you realize the actual complications of it. Everything seems fantastic from a distance.
** Being Lazy is not a best thing in the world but it still feels awesome.

On ME: Top: Thrifted from Delhi
Jeans:  Levi's Signature
Shoes : Gift from Bro.
NeckPiece Ring : Crunchy Fashion, Bangles : Thrift-ed 

With Love

Monday, 28 November 2011

Busy.. Really?

I feel very bad when i see the no of posts on my blog. Its continuously decreasing *SAD FACE*. Every time i promise myself that i have to be active but than conditions changes and i could not manage to post.
After coming from home, Got busy with setting up home(Husband live like a bachelor when he is alone. You know what i mean.. ;) ), getting into work and than lost my handbag which contains all my credit and debit card, some important documents and most importantly my favorite cosmetics Along with other stuff *SUB SUB*. A big loss for me( specially my cosmetics).
These pictures were taken some days back but than i did not get time to post them as i was busy in reissuing my cards and other documents.
 I Love the yellow touch i added to the outfit. Actually I wanted to wear these footwear and this outfit was created all around them.  
A closer look my my accessories, i was wearing. These are from Crunchy Fashion.  love each of them and they are super cute.
Please excuse my unpainted nails. I just forgot to put the nail-paint and realize this in the pics.
On Me: Top: Shoppers Stop
Top worn as Tank : Splash
Jeggings : Levis
Shoes: Catwalk
 Snake & wing Rings, Cuff : Crunchy Fashion, Neckpiece : Dazzling Bling

With Love 

Thursday, 10 November 2011

Quick Hello !!

Hey Ya People..
How you have been doing? Its been long(almost a month) i have been MIA coz i was out of town for vacation. As i told before here, i was visiting my home town and i had a GREAT time with my family and friends. It always feels heaven when you are with near and dear once on special occasions but i missed blogging and i missed all the wonderful people on the blog too. Have nothing much to write and this is just a quick HELLO to all the lovely people on the blog.

 This is what i wore on my last day of vacation when i was travelling back to Hyderabad.

The weather in north has started chilling and even have fog in morning and evening hours. I love these pics taken in morning hours, it looks like i am at some hill station.

 Is not the background just amazing?
 Our flight got delayed for 3 hours and we got some time to spend in Delhi. This pictures are taken at Connaught Palace.
A random click by brother while i was getting ready for the next picture. But i loved it.
On Me: TOP, Jeggings: Forever 21
Blazer : Globus
Bag : Won in giveaway by Nitika
Shoes : Catwalk
Bangles, Earring : Thrifted

With Love 

Sunday, 16 October 2011

A Grayish Day

I am very happy these days and the reason is, finally I am going on vacation and will be visiting my mom's and MIL' place.. YEEEYY. This has the longest duration( a complete year) since I did not visit my home but finally i am going home and i have started planning too **SMILES**.  I will be meeting my cousins and recall all our old memoirs, have my favorite  panipuri and chats (which i don't like in Hyderabadi taste), spend some quality time with mom dad (very important), sleep in my room(i still miss my room) and lot more things....

For those who are new on blog or don't know, I have been living in Hyderabad with Mr Husband for approximately 3 years but even then i do not feel it like i am at home and it still feels like its just a flat where we are living for the job and the earnings. It might be because we don't have many friends or family members here or there were few times when we could not make it to be with family in their happy or sad moments or coz of different culture/ people around us or we are too busy in work and other stuff. Whatever it is but i still don't feel it home and always wish we could relocate to Delhi. Actually when we are surrounded by our close ones or we can celebrate our happiness with them or we can meet them whenever we feel also, it feels like you are  Home.

Lets move to the outfit. This is what i wore today for the grocery shopping over the weekend. 
I absolutely love the black-grey combination. I feel its one of the combination which is classy and can be tried fr any occasion when you are confused about the colors.
I had tried a few neck-piece with this outfit but  i was not satisfied with the complete Look that was coming with the neck-piece. They  were somehow not matching with the top's style and so i removed it.
Please ignore my eyes as it happens most of the times in my pics. It looks like i am drunk and losing all my senses.. LOL. 
On Me: Top: Code,
Jeggings : Forever 21
Shoes: Catwalk
Banges, earings: Thrifted

PS:All the pictures are taken in my society's balcony. So if you found some funny/ weird stuff a the backside, please avoid it. 
Loads of Love 

Sunday, 9 October 2011

Black and White !!

PS: If you are unmarried, you might not be interested in the post. 
So (if you want) you can directly move to the outfit.
Today i read the give status post on FB.
If u are single, they ask about BoyFriend/fiancĂ©. 
When u have a fiancĂ©, they ask for wedding. 
When u get married,they ask for children. 
Once u have one,they ask for another. 
if u get divorced,they ask why. 
If you try to start ur life again, they ask why so quickly. 
People never like what u do.
 If u are proud of who u are & don't care about what people think, share it, because it's your life and you should live it the way you want to.People Get A Life !!!

Well i did not repost it as i hate spamming on FB and i dont need to prove anything about anything but while reading this message, i realize that i am also going though one of its phase (the third one). Its going to be 3 years(in few months) of my wedding and a few questions that has been asked me again and again by the family/ friends/ relatives/ neighbors are: When you are going to have a kid? Its been years(feel like i got married few centuries ago), why you guys are not planning for the kids? Well its our personal life and our decision when we will have a child. Why the hell do you care about it. If i'll get a child, are you going to feed him/her? Who is going to take care of the child? Its none of your business what and why are planning about our life. We are happy with our current life and do not want to have more responsibilities, why do you poke your nose in my personal matters. We too want to have the child, but why do you care about WHEN? We will have it whenever we want to have one.

Its easy to explain the family, what we think and what we are planning about but when it comes to relatives or neighbors, i really don't understand what should i reply them and why should i explain them. There is always a age difference, so we cannot be so rude also and sometimes it becomes very complex to explain. In fact i feel they have nothing to with our life and these questions are asked just to know what is happening in our life.

Did you also face the same situation? If yes, what you did?

On the other node, this is what i wore on Sunday for shopping with cousin.
Black and white is my all time favorite combo and i wear it whenever i am confused while dressing up. As i told here before, one need to very conscious when dressing up in Hyderabad, I wore the tights with this floral dress.

A closer look .. :)

I so love these booties. They are a perfect combo of heels with comfort. I got them from ASOS some time back but never get a change to wear them coz of the weather conditions (its too Hot here). I really wish we would have some winters in Hyderebad also so that we could also enjoy the Fall items like boots and all.
ON ME::  Floral Dress: Pantaloons
Booties, Tights: ASOS
Bangles, Loops : local boutique

With Love

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Mixed Prints and a Figther

Last Night I read a post at Kiran's blog about Navjot Kashyap. I will not talk anything about Navjot here as even i dont know much about him and visiting his blog fr the first time. But after going through the post i can say that He is a fighter and has a strong will to live the life. Many of us give up when something wrong happen but he is not only fighting but also working even at this stage.

He made me realize that we are so blessed with the most important thing of any life that is Health but do we ever thank God for proving us a good health or for a loving family or a good job? I am not getting spiritual here but most of the times we are just complaining about the things that we don't have in life or what others have and ruin our life in the charm of those things forgetting about everything that we have in our Life.  If we ever try to look into our lives what all we have that others dont have, we will realize that how blessed and lucky we are to have the current life. Life is not to waste for the things that we don't have but its all about being happy and enjoying the things that we have. I am not saying don't be ambitious but  don't just let your ambitions affect your life's happiness. Everything in life have their own place and we should not let one part of our life dominate over the others.

Lets move Forward to the outfit:
 This is what i wore today for the office. Nothing Fancy but a basic shirt with a beautiful floral pants which is my recent purchase. The little flowers are not visible clearly in the pic but they are so cute. I have already posted here that i am not an expert while it come to mixing the prints but i try it whenever i feel to and i am loving the outputs.
 These pictures are taken after the work and i had even removed the (only few) accessories that i was wearing. I am very obsessed with he side tails these days and doing it almost everyday.
On Me: Shirt : F&U
Pants: Forever21
Shoes: Gift from Mom
Belt: With the Jeans


Sunday, 25 September 2011

Coral and the Wrap on!

P.S.: I have nothing much in my mind. So this is going to be photo heavy post
I am having a super weekend with husband, cooking experiment(recipe post will be coming soon) and arranging my wardrobe. 
This is what i wear on Saturday for -No Reason coz i just wanted to get dressed as  Husband is back home and i wanted an outfit post **SMILES**. Days in Hyderabad are getting hotter as Fall is coming(there is nothing like so called Fall in Hyderabad) and now there are no rains too, so i decided to go for a skirt.

 I got this mid length wrap on skirt from a handloom exhibition from mumbai in 2007 but had wore it just once. It's in cotton, have stripes and perfect for the current weather. So i decided to team it up with a basic coral top.

I wanted to add a belt to the skirt but as its a wrap on and has a knot at the back so could not get it right. A no so closer look of jewelry .
On Me: Top: Splash
Skirt : Handloom exhibition
Shoes: Old to remember
Neck-Piece: Dazzling Bling
Earing: Mumbai Linking Road

If you have noticed, i have not cropped my face in the pics. With time i am getting more confident in blogging but i still have fear of pictures getting misused. But as i want to do it, i am sharing pics with copyright statement somewhere in middle, keeping less changes for reuse.

How you guys are doing over the weekend?

With Love

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Reason for (Not) blogging

Last night while trying to sleep, a lot of thoughts running into my mind. One of the thought that came into my mind was - Why i had started blogging if i could not post regularly. Which lead to me 5-6 months back when i get to know about the blogging world. 
One weekend, I has been goggling something(could not recall what) and end up landing on some fashion cum beauty blog. I am not sure about that blog as i am not following/in touch with that but while exploring the other blogs in its list, i found some interesting blogs and than I dedicated my complete weekend reading those blogs and find some new one. I know about the blogging since long but i always had read some technical or business blogs and had never thought that fashion/ beauty blogs can be so popular. After going through all those blogs, i found a connectivity with them- I love dressing up, love to go out, sometimes experiment in kitchen too and the best part is you can put up almost everything on your blog that is there in your mind. So I started this blog.
But in reality, blogging is not a piece of cake specially to post regularly with the rich content and/or pictures. In-fact, Blogging needs as much as dedication as any other job will need. Its very easy to say that i can also do what He/She is doing but when it come to actually implement than you come to the the pros and cons  of anything like not everyone can  pose on a public place for their blog.
The initial few months went in excitement but after that i am posting very less. Sometime i do not have  camera or Mr. photographer  is not there, than sometimes my mind is blank and the other times i feel lazy to writing something, sometimes office does not allow me to have time for my passions and than sometimes i forget to take pictures when i get dressed.  I know these seems like excuses for not to blog(i think i can write a book on that) but they are genuine one. I am really amazed how other blogger post regularly. I really respect the efforts they took to post on regular basis.
So i have decided that i am also going to post more frequently now and if Mr Photographer is not available, will try to capture them myself.

 This i wore today for the office. As Mr Husband is out of town, i decided to take pictured my myself. I promise once i'll get Husband back in the town and i am going to post the better quality pics.

On Me: Top: Miss Player
Jeggings: Levis
Belt: From mumbai store
Earrings: Splash
neckpiece: Dazzling bling
These tortoise earring are from my recent purchase, and i wanted to wear them. So i matched my earrings with the neck-piece and I loved it how they looked with Blue-White combination
A closer pic of the earrings and neck-piece. As the pictures are taken from mobile, they are not doing the justice with them but they are cuter in real.

How you feel about blogging? Is it easy for you?
With Love

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Being in relationship!!

Few days back,I had been talking with my friend who is planning to get married this year which is supposed to be an arrange one. Arrange marriages are part of Indian Culture, in which parents or the family members find a match for the girl/boy and we still have approx 80% marriages that are arranged. But most difficult part with arrange marriage is to meet the person and decide weather they are gonna make it for the life together or not. Its tough to decide in a few meetings. That's why she was confused, afraid of the changes that will happen in life after the wedding and what if she could not take the right decision. She asked me, How i feel after getting married. Well i obviously feel good and lucky to have D as my Husband. But here i am not going to discuss my relationship but what i feel is there is no rule in a relationship. Every two person are different and so do their  behavior and expectations. So every relationship is different and cannot run by the rules.

However, a lot of trust and a bit of adjustment can make a relation successful. No one in the world is perfect. In-fact there is nothing called a PERFECT MATCH but there are perfect relations and its up to you how we take your relationship. If you are expecting something from your partner, do remember he/she might also have the same. He cannot go for shopping with you everyday or she might need some space for her friends or family. When  both the person in a relation remember this, they are gonna happy forever.

Lets move to the outfit. This i wore on monday for the office. Nothing fancy a printed top with a pair of denims(my all time fav). 
 Its a very old top which has a length with some cuts. While cleaning my wardrobe i got it out and did a DIY to get it ready to wear and I am in love with it. Well who will not, it has beautiful print, its in chiffon and it has detailed work on neck. What else is needed.
Top: DIY, To old to remember
Jeggings: Levis
Flats: Gift from Mom
Belt: Westside (Not visible in the pics)
Excuse for the low quality pics, as they were taken by me  while i was getting ready.

With Love

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Color Bomb

Hello people,
Its really been long that i have not posted anything but i was really busy not only with work but has health issues also. Got the food infection again and had to go to hospital again and again for different tests told by different doctors. These doctors sucks specially when they write about the blood tests as i suffer from big needdle phobia. I know it might feel silly to afraid of needles at this age but i can't help it.I have gone through a no of tests in last few months but still i am not able to recover my Trypanophobia.

Lets move on the outfit. Its been more than two years of my stay in hyderbad and i have realized one thing that you cannot dress up in all latest trends when you are in the Hyderabad(other than only a few places). The people are very simple from their style and generally you will find them in traditional dresses like girls mostly wear only Shalwar kameez or kurti (kind of tunic) and that too are going to be very traditional style. You will not find anything from the latest trend here on the roads. I so miss Delhi/ Mumbai for all this. I know some people from Hyderabad is not going to like this but this is what i feel. People here are good from heart and very simple and helpful but i really do not like their dressing sense. 

I wore this few days back for the shopping and i must say, it turned a lot of heads especially from the girls. It might be because of the outfit or the colors i used in the outfit or the style. Whatever it was i enjoyed dressed up like a color bomb. I love colors (well who don't) and most of the time add a pop of color to my outfit. But here i added  loads of colors in just one outfit. Looking at the pictures i feel, i could have avoided 1-2 colors but that's ok. This is the way we learn.... Right.

As i was already loaded  with colors, i kept the accessories to minimum.
Top: Remanika
Tights: Splash
Bag: Yebhi
Shoes : Bata

How you guys have been doing?

P.S. : Please excuse any typo mistakes. I have got the new laptop and my hands are still not set on its keypad.

Saturday, 20 August 2011

Rainy Days..

The weather in Hyderabad is very beautiful these days. It rains at-least once a day which maintains the temperature lower to 75 degrees and sometime sunny and windy. I love Hyderabad for this weather. I am enjoying the days as I LOVE RAIN and i miss my childhood days when we(i with my brother) used to go out for our bike rides in rain and play in water for hours( yeah that true) and mum used to should at us that we will get cold. They were amazing days an i so so miss them...

Now a rainy day has taken a different definition. If you are in office, just enjoy it from the window *sad face* and if its a weekend ,  you can go out for a drive with the loved one. But what has really changed in these rainy days is , it has made me so so lazy or i must say it has not made me lazy but i have become to lazy. I have thought of blogging 2-3 times in between but than i switched on my system, read my favorite blogs and decided that i'll write tomorrow.

Today it rained again and i prepared some spicy potato and onion bhajiya ( a kind of snack.). In hyderabad, it tough to find decent bhajiya so i prepared it at home and serve it with coriander chutney and believe me it was DELICIOUS.

How you do on the rainy days?

With Love

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Mixing Print

It gives us the extreme happiness when we get something that we are not expecting it at all(actually most of the times). It can be anything like a hug from the loved from, a surprise or a call from a friend. I am felling very happy these days as i talked to a close friends after a long time on this friendship day. It feel awesome to chat your old pals on non-sense stuff.
Lets move to the outfit post, i love the way Tanvi from 'The Fabulous Life of Not So Rich and Infamous' mixes the prints together. She is the princess of mixing and matching and have inspired me a lot to mix the prints. 

I love to be very much in my comfort zone and never tried to mix the print. I had either a printed blouse or the bottom in a outfit but not the both. This is the first time (as if i could recall), i am mixing the stripes and polka dots.

I had clicked these pictures last week and while cleaning up the laptop, i lost it and thought that i have lost these(its pain when you loose your hard work) and than today while looking for some old pics, i found them again (unexpected happiness again) and i immediately wrote this post *SMILES* *SMILES*.

Top, belt: Westside; 
Polka dots pants, shoes :ASOS
bangles: yebhi
A Closer look of the prints.

  As both the top and the bottom are in light shades, i tried to fill the colors using the belt/ nail color/ lip-color.
Here comes my cute baby- my shoes.

I am not very satisfied with the complete outfit but i can manage it in the starting .. :)
What you guys thinks? Is it a pass or a fail?

With Love

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Unpredictable Life!

Life leads us to very unpredictable ways. We think and plan in some ways and it surprises us with the new turns. It gives us new surprises, changes or challenges which can be good or bad but what ever it is,We can't change them and we need to face them.That's life.
Lately i have been thinking a lot about me and what i need from the life. Whatever i have in life is enough or am i made for something else? Should i not go to the next level in my life or i am on the right place? I am swinging in between weather to take life as serious as i (sometimes) want it to be and move forward in a direction with some strict steps or let it go the way it is running and enjoy the each moment of the present. I prefer to live in present without thinking much about future but there comes some time when you have to plan something and you cannot avoid it. I am running through the same phase of confusion and will surely reach on a decision that will keep my life in a way i want it to be.
Lines from  "Time Of Your Life", i love to listen. They say the complete truth about the life.

Another turning point, a fork stuck in the road
Time grabs you by the wrist, directs you where to go
So make the best of this test, and don't ask why
It's not a question, but a lesson learned in time

It's something unpredictable, but in the end it's right.
I hope you had the time of your life.

So take the photographs, and still frames in your mind
Hang it on a shelf in good health and good time
Tattoos of memories and dead skin on trial
For what it's worth it was worth all the while

It's something unpredictable, but in the end it's right. 
I hope you had the time of your life. 

It's something unpredictable, but in the end it's right. 
I hope you had the time of your life. 

It's something unpredictable, but in the end it's right. 
I hope you had the time of your life.

Do you also feel the same or is it only me (or some people like me) who thinks like this?

With Love

Thursday, 21 July 2011

Color me RED

A friend cum reader asked a question to me that why do i crop my face in the photograph that i post on the blog? while i share the photograph over the facebook page.
Actually there are two reasons for this. First,that concerns me more, is the misuse of pictures. I had faced this issue when orkut just started and did not had any security settings (if you have joined at that time, you must have an idea how bad it was), I posted some group photographs with my friends on my profile and a guy(whom i didn't know) downloaded the pics and posted them in his profile. Once we post something on the web, we have shared it to the whole world and even if we remove it from our profile, its still can be there somewhere. As i told over the blog here, i take time to open up with people and over the web, its all virtual and i don't who all is visiting the blog, i am just avoiding that. May be with time, i will get more confident on sharing the stuff over the web. I know you must be thinking, if i am so afraid of all this, why don't i stop blogging. Buts that's me.. :) I have posted my complete pics before here and here, its just like i play safer. 
Secondly, most of the time, my face comes in weird/funny expressions in the pics so i just crop them too... ;). See i am sleeping again in the pics.

This is what i wore the other day for shopping, followed by the dinner. A very basic and comfy outfit containing tunic and tights with some accessories.

I tried to fill the color in the outfit with red tights and accessories.I think they made the outfit a success. 
Tunic: W, tights, neckpiece : Westside, bangles : Yebhi
wedges: Inch-5

A closer look of the bangles.

With time i start getting the pain with the heals and switch back to the comfy ballerina.
Super cute ballerina : Gift from mom

Do you also feel the same on web privacy?

With Love 
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