Monday, 28 November 2011

Busy.. Really?

I feel very bad when i see the no of posts on my blog. Its continuously decreasing *SAD FACE*. Every time i promise myself that i have to be active but than conditions changes and i could not manage to post.
After coming from home, Got busy with setting up home(Husband live like a bachelor when he is alone. You know what i mean.. ;) ), getting into work and than lost my handbag which contains all my credit and debit card, some important documents and most importantly my favorite cosmetics Along with other stuff *SUB SUB*. A big loss for me( specially my cosmetics).
These pictures were taken some days back but than i did not get time to post them as i was busy in reissuing my cards and other documents.
 I Love the yellow touch i added to the outfit. Actually I wanted to wear these footwear and this outfit was created all around them.  
A closer look my my accessories, i was wearing. These are from Crunchy Fashion.  love each of them and they are super cute.
Please excuse my unpainted nails. I just forgot to put the nail-paint and realize this in the pics.
On Me: Top: Shoppers Stop
Top worn as Tank : Splash
Jeggings : Levis
Shoes: Catwalk
 Snake & wing Rings, Cuff : Crunchy Fashion, Neckpiece : Dazzling Bling

With Love 

Thursday, 10 November 2011

Quick Hello !!

Hey Ya People..
How you have been doing? Its been long(almost a month) i have been MIA coz i was out of town for vacation. As i told before here, i was visiting my home town and i had a GREAT time with my family and friends. It always feels heaven when you are with near and dear once on special occasions but i missed blogging and i missed all the wonderful people on the blog too. Have nothing much to write and this is just a quick HELLO to all the lovely people on the blog.

 This is what i wore on my last day of vacation when i was travelling back to Hyderabad.

The weather in north has started chilling and even have fog in morning and evening hours. I love these pics taken in morning hours, it looks like i am at some hill station.

 Is not the background just amazing?
 Our flight got delayed for 3 hours and we got some time to spend in Delhi. This pictures are taken at Connaught Palace.
A random click by brother while i was getting ready for the next picture. But i loved it.
On Me: TOP, Jeggings: Forever 21
Blazer : Globus
Bag : Won in giveaway by Nitika
Shoes : Catwalk
Bangles, Earring : Thrifted

With Love 
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