Friday, 29 April 2011

And the shoe love goes on, on and on !!!!

Lovely People,

I had got some issue with my internet connection so i was not able to post anything. It had been a hectic week with loads of work but now i am fully recharged as i got my package from yebhi. You all know there cannot be a better therapy  than shopping (specially for girls) **SMILES**. As i love shoes, and this time too, package contains shoes only.. :) :).
This is what i got in the package:

The packaging is improved and i am really impressed with it. 

They have started packing the items in cloth pouches which protects the product from any damage.

Here comes my new possession. * LOVE* *LOVE*

The cute bow with mettle even makes them super cute.

Can't wait for the weekend to wear them.

I have ordered these catwalk pumps on this Monday and i got them today.. YeY ..YeY.. YeY.  They are perfect for office as well as a casual day.
Price - 1500 INR (approx.  $30)
but i got them just for 900 Rs ($18) , (got the benefit of their promo code schemes)

I am very satisfied with the product and service yebhi is providing (if you have read the my old post, u'll definitely be knowing this). Best thing about yebhi is : they listen the customer's concern very carefully and try their level best to improve on that.I had some issues with their packaging stuff that i mention hereyebhi people contacted me after reading the review and now packaging is in a totally new form.
I really appreciate their efforts for the improvement. I have seen a no of companies, that are into online, do not listen much about the customer concerns. If the customer has any issue, he has to contact the company again and again.
The way yebhi is doing, i see them, on of the best e-commerce company of future.

With Love 

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Be Original, Be yourself !!!!

"Be yourself; everyone else is already taken."
                                                                                                          — Oscar Wilde
I truly believe in this and think everyone has their own individuality. No two person in the world are same.  God have created each and every person with their individual personality and we should respect our individuality, our uniqueness. 
I have seen people seen people trying to become like some actor/ actress, sports person, models etc but why they want to become like them? coz they have got success, money and fame? I don't think some one can get whatever he/she wants just by copying just anyone else.One has to be himself and original to get their goals. However getting an inspiration from someone is good and it can help to to achieve your goals.

For being the true YOU, you have to first understand about can't be yourself if you don't know, understand, and accept yourself.Work on the things that you dislike about yourself instead of hiding them or being someone else or seeing them as stumbling blocks to being a whole person. There is nothing that you cannot change about you.

With Love 

Sunday, 24 April 2011

Review: Elizabeth Arden's "Cocoa Bronze Pearl" Lipstick

I have purchased the "Cocoa Bronze pearl" lipstick from shoppers stop.I was looking for the colorbar 'Sprit' but that was not in stock and found this new shade(for me its new only). This was my first purchase from Elizabeth Arden's and i have not even seen any review of this brand(or i could not find the reviews ) so thought of putting my views on it.
Here are the swatch's of the Lipstick:

 Lighting for the pic was not correct. So color look darker.

Without Flash

With Flash

I Have bought this brown coco shade for my everyday office use as i cannot wear the very bright shades to office(don't like the highlighted lips that gets everyone's attention. at least not in office ). Brown and nude are the colors, i always have for my everyday makeup.My views about the product are:
1. Quality of the lipstick is very good.
2. I feel it a bit stick for the first time i wear it but now it look ok and don;t feel it sticky (am i used to of it? I think YES).
3. It is perfect for day as well as night. You can see it in the images, it gives a shining color in night.
4. It last 4long hours for me.
5. As it is a dark shade of brown, not everyone is going to love this. But it suits to fair color.
6. Product is a bit expensive too. We can get good quality Colorbar lipstick that cost for 300-500 bucks.

 Price - Rs.700/-($19 on their site)(could not recall exactly as i was included in  other item's bill )
Rating - 3.5/5
Will I repurchase - I can, I am in love with it and using it at least 1-2 times a week. but i'll prefer  my regular color bar lipsticks.
Would I recommend - Yes, if you love wearing Brown, I'll say- DO, try it.

PS : Confessions of a Shopaholic is hosting a give away on her blog which is open internationally. She would find the closest option of specification on her websites and send it to u. 
The give away will close  by 10th May 2011. To visit the blog click here

With Love

Friday, 22 April 2011

Good Friday With Spicy Baby Potato

I am enjoying a luxurious weekend as I have got a Friday off too **smiles**. The week days are too hectic with home and work and even last few weekends were busy too... *sub, sub*... But finally i have got a long weekend and i have time to invest where i want too.... YEY YEY!!!
I have not tried something new in my kitchen since long. so today i started playing in my kitchen and tried the Spicy Baby Potato(i will say it try only coz i was preparing it for the first time.). It was yummy ... :)

    8 baby potatoes peeled
    1/2 cup chopped onion
    1/2 tea spn cumin powder
    1/2 tea spn coriander powder
    2 tbl spn thick curd/yogurt
    1-2 tea spns chili powder
    1 tea spn ginger-garlic paste
    1 tbl spn lemon juice
    Salt as per taste

1. Prick with a fork or put some deep slit marks with a knife on all the potatoes.
2. Grind onions(preferably without water) to a smooth paste. Add onion paste and all other ingredients, except oil to the potatoes and mix well so that the potatoes get a thick coating of potatoes all over. The yogurt should be very thick so that the mixture remains thick.
3. Leave the potatoes for around 1hr.
4. Heat oil in a non stick pan and add the potatoes with the masala. Close the lid and let it cook on a low flame for around 15mins.
5. Preheat the oven at 350F for around 5mins. Take the potatoes in a greased bake ware and broil at 350F for around 10-15mins(till the coating has turned brownish).
6. Serve hot with lemon juice.

Benefits of Baby Potato :
* Baby potatoes are less in calories and naturally fat free. Thus, they can be part of low cal diets.
* When used with skin on, they are a good source of fibre. Fiber is essential to maintain body weight and is good for digestion. It also helps reduce existing cholesterol levels.
* They are a moderate source of vitamins, namely folate, Vitamin C, B1 and B6. These vitamins help in normal functioning of the nervous system and the heart, promotes healthy maintenance of bones, gums, teeth, and helps body resist infection and stress.
* They are also a good source of minerals like iron and potassium which are required for healthy functioning of all cells, nerves and body fluids of the body.
* It does not contain any cholesterol which helps reduce risk of heart disease.

Happy Good Friday to you all :)
I hope everyone has a nice weekend(as i am having)!

With Love

Friday, 15 April 2011


This one i wore for the grocery shopping on last week. I  really wanted to wear this tunic but with some colors. So i matched it with bright tight and handbag.
This one i wore for late night drive ICE CREAM treat with my hubby.

There was nothing in my mind to have a post so thought of having a outfit post.When i browse through my laptop, found these pics in my plaid tunic.I have wore this tunic multiple time by mixing it with different colors. As the tunic is in black and grey , i am always a bit conscious to add the colors to my look(or you can say i don't have expertise in matching the colors but m learning ).
BTW if you are thinking about post title, here is the reason: As i told you earlier i don't have anything to write or in other words, i am totally blank, i have got this title from my work. Polymorphism is a OOP's concept that we use in C++, java etc(i use it almost everyday in my coding). 

So how do you like Polymorphism with my tunic and what is your mix and match style. Do share with me.

PS: The pink handbag is the one that i am talking here. I just love it.

With Love

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Discrimination ... but WHY?

Why there is a gender discrimination between the Man and woman and why it is even more for the married woman?WHY WHY WHY???
I am an IT professional and i do not consider myself less than any of my male colleague. I have worked late till 2 am in the night when it was required( it was from home but still i worked late), few times i was so involved in the work that i left at last from the office. When i do not consider myself less than any other what the hell the other people do.

You  guys might be thinking why i am so fade up. So the reason is: I have been rejected twice for the US visa just because i am married and they assume that i might be a potential immigrant. Why? coz i am married.
Does that mean a married woman cannot travel for business purposes if she is applying  it after her wedding and has her Husband's name on her passport. In both the times, most of the questions are related to my personal life like what my husband do? where is he? with which organization he is working etc etc etc...They did not even ask for any document from the company(other than passport and visa application). while a married male is not even asked anything about his wife's career or personal life. Why is that?
 I know they really deal with the cases where people misuse the B1 visas but you cannot consider all the cases as same. If you are not sure about the purpose of the travel, do check their docs and company's docs but how can you just reject the visa coz i am married.

You(readers) might be thinking i was very desperate to travel abroad and thats why i am reacting so bad. NO, I have no issues if i am not travelling. In fact, i am happy that i do not need to stay away from my hubby but the thing that annoyed me here is the gender discrimination. If there would have been a different reason for visa rejection. i would not object said anything. Why can't people deal them equally.
Enough for today.Now I am feeling a lot better after writing this post as i got a lot out from me.

With Love 

Friday, 8 April 2011

25 Random Questions

As i am new to blogging, i have been exploring a no of blogs and figured it out that a few bloggers has shared some info tags. It fun to read about the bloggers. Here it goes for me:

1.     Where were you 3 hours ago? Travelling with my hubby (from office to Home).

2.      Is there anything pink within 10 feet of you? – My hair band

3.      What are you wearing right now? – shorts with tank top

4.     What are the colors of your bedroom walls? – its light yellow for my current flat(i know its too boring but i am living in a rented house) however @ my home, my bedroom color is purple.

5.     Who is the last person you sent a  message or comment /BBM? – To my Bro, Vipul

6.     What does your last text message say? – You are the best bhai(bro).

7.     Can You Taste The Difference Between Pepsi And Coke? -  Yep, pepsi is sweeter. BTW i dont like pepsi /coke, i do prefer thumbs up or sprite.

8.     Is your hair curly or straight? - wavy but they are very thin. I wish they could have some volume.

9.     Which is the hardest thing you ever had to do? –  lost few close friends without even knowing the reason. Its tough to face the condition when you are loosing your near and dear one's without a reason. But thats all is over now. 

10.  Favorite 2 color combination? – gold and turquoise. these days i am loving the pink and purple combo.

11.  What is your favorite accessory? necklaces(these days) otherwise i ways have been a fan of chunky earrings.

12.  Which current celebrity's style do you admire most? -  I like Sonam Kapoor and Taylor Swift.

13.  What is your favorite fashion store/shop? – Forever 21, Vero Moda, Benetton, Forever New.

14.  When was the last time you drove out of town? – long back. I could not even recall.I have a personal driver now(My sweet hubby) ;) .

15.  With the exception of the computer, what can you hear? – Nothing gonna change my love for you. Its an 80's song but i love it and its ma all time favourite.

16.  What was the last thing you bought? – Got a new pair of Puma sandals for the hubby dear.

17.  What is the first thing you think of when you wake up in the morning? – ahh... its getting late. u have to be fast Swati.(my office timing is 9-6 but i but i always reach after 10:30 a.m.)

18.   Favorite Food? – Italian. I love North Indian dishes too.

19.  Biggest turn off? – Body Odor, Show-offs and fake people.

20.  What do you always have on you/wear? – Lip color and my fav diamond ring.

21.  What does your screen name mean/ how did you come up with it? – I am not a purely fashion blogger. I had been thinking for a name where i can share anything and about everything. I have been looking for blog name as "swati", 'apassionatelife','mypasionatelife' etc but they were not available. So i come up with ''allabtmypassion"

22.  Favorite style of top/blouse? –  floral ,prints with some shoulder work. I love tunics too.

23.  Favorite TV show? – So you think you can dance, FRIENDS(all time fav).

24.  What is a favorite TV show from your childhood? - Small Wonder, Tome and Jerry 

25.   What does your dream bedroom look like? – A Big room in Red and white combination that has a walk in closet for shoes and clothes.

Now its your turn, copy this tag into your blog and answer and post! Lets get to know you better now! Please leave a comment on the post if you are doing the tag.I'll love to know you better.

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Anna Hazare plans fast unto death for strong Lokpal bil

2010 has been a year for India in which, we have faced a  no of scams like 2 G Specrum scam, CWG, Adarsh housing scam. WE have lost hundreds of million dollars in these scams which has been taken by us in different forms and it could has been used for the development of India.

People of India have been exhausted with the overdose of corruption news that have marred the image of the nation so far. Corruption allegations against most of the political leaders and the inaction from the government's side compelled the "aam admi" to join the protest of the anti-graft crusader Anna Hazare.  Anna Hazare, an Army Jawan turned to social activist, has started a fast unto death for the Jan Lokpal Bill.  For those who are still not aware of the issue, here is the basic things that Anna Hazare claimed in Jan Lokpal Bill.

The objective of the fast unto death of Anna Hazare is to set up the Lokpal Bill which has been in the freezer in last 43 years.He claims, Like Supreme Court and Election Commission, an independent body called Jan Lokpal should be set up at the Centre and a Jan Lokayukta should be set up in each state to receive complaints of corruption, investigate them within six months and prosecute the guilty.

Lokpal Bill is a measure to conduct an investigation regarding involvements of people with high profiles (Prime Ministers, Chief Justice of India and so on). The bill will provide speedy, cheaper form of justice to people. The Lokpal bill will not wait for any permission from the high commission to begin the inquiry into the alleged irregularities and corruption charges against political leaders, judge's or even the Chief Justice of India .

A few points i'll add here: Government is saying that is has been protesting against the govt.  but its not about the govt or the opposition but its all about the corruptions and law enhancement for dealing for these cases. This was the reason , people do not allow BJP to involve into this movement. BJP party members are already involved in a no of corruptions(like Reddy Brother's scam) and if BJP  was allowed to participate in this , this will become a political issue. 

"The dream of India as a strong nation will not be realised without self-reliant, self-sufficient villages, this can be achieved only through social commitment & involvement of the common man."                                                                                              - Anna Hazare

The effectiveness of this movement lies in how this gets expanded in the future. Hazare’s fast must act as the initial spark (that is the importance of this ‘misguided’ fast) and then the people of India must lead the movement (a revolution by that time). If this movement gets expanded to a mass revolution against corruption, then, in all probability, this will be the Indian Jasmine revolution.

Anna Hazare's Vision 

 "This is not for me or you; this is for India."                

-Anna Hazare


I am supporting Anna Hazare. Are you??

With Love 

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Review: Ambika Pillai's "Candy Lite Lip Gloss"

Hey Lovely People,
Hope you all are doing great and had a wonderful weekend. Mine was an usual weekend as my hubby dear got fever.So we were at home only(enjoying each other's company ;))
I recently have got my Ambika Pillai's lip glasses delivered  from fashion and you and i have nothing to do so thought of reviewing it.
Here are few pictures of the lip glass:

I so love the Ambika pilli's cosmetics but "Candy Lite" is not in one of my favorites. Its not about the quality or quantity of the product but i am not impressed with its bright color.My views about the product are:
1. The lip glass color is to bright to wear in day time (can see in the pics) however it will go well for the night dates/party.
2. Product contains shimmer which makes it very shinny. However the shimmer is not long lasting and fades in 1 hour or two.
3. The applicator is easy to use(like all other ambika pillai's lip glasses).
4. Color of the lip glass last for 4-5 hours. As the shimmer fades with time, it starts transforming from bright fuschia color to natural pink color.
5. It felt a bit sticky and smelly,the time i applied it(i am a bit sensitive to that but it depends from person to person) but after 20-25 minutes, i was ok (or i became comfortable to it).
6. Love the product packaging which even have a mirror to apply the lip glass.
 Price - Rs.700/-(Have an eye on Fashion and you sales, you can get it for approx. Rs400/-)
Rating - 3/5
Will I repurchase - NO, as i cannot wear such a bright color to my office but i will use it for my night outings.
Would I recommend - if you are looking a bright lip glass for night parties, it will work but for a day usage i'll say a big "NO".

With Love 

Monday, 4 April 2011

Shopping Experience with !!!

Online Shopping in India is evolving  fast and has the potential to grow exponentially in the  times to come, as the internet penetration reaches far and wide across the rural area. I am an addicted to online shopping and recently i have shopped a lot from Yebhi.
I thought of sharing my experience with Yebhi which is India's one of the most growing site for online shopping. They have a variety of products from shoes to cloths, bags to accessories, jewelry to accessories and a lot more. They have been selling a no of Indian as well as International brands like puma, Adidas,  Carton London, Burberry, Calvin KleinArrow, Converse, Kara, Lee, Levi's, Lee Copper,W and many more(can't write all the names here coz they are selling more than 100 brands). I have bought a few pair of shoes and bags from the site however i do not like the apparels for women.

 When i ordered my first pair of shoes (Canvas shoes from Numero Uno )from the site, i was not expecting it to be delivered before 2 weeks but to my surprise  i got it delivered on the 5th day from i placed the order(as they claims to provide delivery in 4 days).  The packaging of the courier was not that good and the first impression after looking on the packaging was : I should not place the order. they might be selling products that are very old or brands are not able to sell them. But when i looked on the shoes, they were the brand new shoes. I even checked the manufacturing date on the shoe tag which was just 1-2 month older(could not recall exactly). I have been using them since 3 months and i have not faced any issue with the quality of product.

 Yebhi provides a very customer satisfaction service.Shipping is free for all domestic shipments and if you are not satisfied with  the product or size does not fit, you can return the product back or they will arrange a pickup for the same. Yebhi has a separate FB page created for the customer care where you can write any kind of issue you are facing with product/service/dispatch/delivery etc and they provide a very quick resolution for the same by text post or call or email.
They are providing 20-50% discount on almost all the brands which we do not get on the showrooms(except sales) and they have a no of promotions running on different brands with which you can even get few extra percent of discount.

Here is the list of few items i recently bought from Yebhi.
Brown Wedges. I already have posted them here.

I have bought bags in red and pink on this Sunday.Have not received them but they look pretty cool.(pink one is out of stock now so could not get its image. I ordered it at the right time)

 Canvas shoes from Numero Uno(my first order).They are very comfy and i am completely satisfied with the product.
Yellow Sandals from Catwalk. (I have checked them in shoppers stop but could not get them in my size and on yebhi i got them on 40% off)
got this bag for office. It goes pretty well with the formals.

These are few of my best picks from Yebhi but i have shopped a lot more.

If you are looking for some promo-code discount on yebhi, use PC1529417QA8 to get Rs 400 off on a purchase of 1000 or more(you can shop any brand/item the only condition is cart value should be more than 1000).  The code is valid till 31 April and can be used multiple times.

With Love

Saturday, 2 April 2011

India - World Cup Champion 2011

Hi World Cup Champions,
We have done it and we are the World Cup Champions now.... Yes, we are the champions.....

India has won the World Cup (every one in the world know that now) and this is a dream that we all Indians had in our eyes since last 28 years(after 1983). Game was a well played by both India and Sri LanKan team. Its was a game played by all the members and Gambhir and Dhoni were the show stoppers. Dhoni has played a Captain inning at the perfect time and Gambir also has played for 97 runs after we lost Sachin and Sehwag. (I wish he could make his century but what matters is the victory instead of the personal scores). I'll not forget to mention Yuvraj here. He has played really well in the W C tournament and is one of the best players of team India. 
Sachin is the greatest Cricket Player or i should say "He is the GOD of Cricket". Thousand of people watch cricket just to watch Sachin.
"I have seen God. He bats at no.4 for India in tests.
                                                                                         -Matthew Hayden(AUS.)
It was Sachin's Last world cup and everyone wants to get the world cup to India for Him. I love the march by Indian team in the ground getting Sachin on their shoulders. It was so overwhelming to see how much everyone loves Sachin.

Cricket in India is not just a game its a religion and this could have been proved by the victory celebrations after the match. In every city of India, thousand and lacks of people come out on the street to celebrate the victory.  Roads were even more crowdy than any other festival. People are singing the "Vandemataram..."having flags(no of flags were even more than republic and Independence day) .Roads got traffic jam at 1 am in the night but i love all that. After watching all that no Indian can control his feelings. I must say who has not come out on the roads after the match has missed a lot.
Here are few pics of celebration. Please excuse for the bad image quality as pics were taken by mobile.

I really had a great time watching match with friends. A day cannot be better than this.
                         I ♥ India and I proud to be an Indian.

With Love

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