Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Review: Ambika Pillai's "Candy Lite Lip Gloss"

Hey Lovely People,
Hope you all are doing great and had a wonderful weekend. Mine was an usual weekend as my hubby dear got fever.So we were at home only(enjoying each other's company ;))
I recently have got my Ambika Pillai's lip glasses delivered  from fashion and you and i have nothing to do so thought of reviewing it.
Here are few pictures of the lip glass:

I so love the Ambika pilli's cosmetics but "Candy Lite" is not in one of my favorites. Its not about the quality or quantity of the product but i am not impressed with its bright color.My views about the product are:
1. The lip glass color is to bright to wear in day time (can see in the pics) however it will go well for the night dates/party.
2. Product contains shimmer which makes it very shinny. However the shimmer is not long lasting and fades in 1 hour or two.
3. The applicator is easy to use(like all other ambika pillai's lip glasses).
4. Color of the lip glass last for 4-5 hours. As the shimmer fades with time, it starts transforming from bright fuschia color to natural pink color.
5. It felt a bit sticky and smelly,the time i applied it(i am a bit sensitive to that but it depends from person to person) but after 20-25 minutes, i was ok (or i became comfortable to it).
6. Love the product packaging which even have a mirror to apply the lip glass.
 Price - Rs.700/-(Have an eye on Fashion and you sales, you can get it for approx. Rs400/-)
Rating - 3/5
Will I repurchase - NO, as i cannot wear such a bright color to my office but i will use it for my night outings.
Would I recommend - if you are looking a bright lip glass for night parties, it will work but for a day usage i'll say a big "NO".

With Love 

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Linhy said...

love pink!!! lip loss are my favorite!! I want to buy some more but I got so many .

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