Saturday, 2 April 2011

India - World Cup Champion 2011

Hi World Cup Champions,
We have done it and we are the World Cup Champions now.... Yes, we are the champions.....

India has won the World Cup (every one in the world know that now) and this is a dream that we all Indians had in our eyes since last 28 years(after 1983). Game was a well played by both India and Sri LanKan team. Its was a game played by all the members and Gambhir and Dhoni were the show stoppers. Dhoni has played a Captain inning at the perfect time and Gambir also has played for 97 runs after we lost Sachin and Sehwag. (I wish he could make his century but what matters is the victory instead of the personal scores). I'll not forget to mention Yuvraj here. He has played really well in the W C tournament and is one of the best players of team India. 
Sachin is the greatest Cricket Player or i should say "He is the GOD of Cricket". Thousand of people watch cricket just to watch Sachin.
"I have seen God. He bats at no.4 for India in tests.
                                                                                         -Matthew Hayden(AUS.)
It was Sachin's Last world cup and everyone wants to get the world cup to India for Him. I love the march by Indian team in the ground getting Sachin on their shoulders. It was so overwhelming to see how much everyone loves Sachin.

Cricket in India is not just a game its a religion and this could have been proved by the victory celebrations after the match. In every city of India, thousand and lacks of people come out on the street to celebrate the victory.  Roads were even more crowdy than any other festival. People are singing the "Vandemataram..."having flags(no of flags were even more than republic and Independence day) .Roads got traffic jam at 1 am in the night but i love all that. After watching all that no Indian can control his feelings. I must say who has not come out on the roads after the match has missed a lot.
Here are few pics of celebration. Please excuse for the bad image quality as pics were taken by mobile.

I really had a great time watching match with friends. A day cannot be better than this.
                         I ♥ India and I proud to be an Indian.

With Love


LiveLoveDressup said...

I really enjoyed watching the match to! The boys in blue were awesome! :)

Tanvi said...

I wish I was in India!!! So proud to be an Indian :)

♡ from ©

Swati said...

@Rukman yeah... they played really well.It was a super exciting match.

@tanvi you should be in India. You really had missed the big celebration of victory. Emotions were overwhelming after winning and watching the people celebrating for the country...

Nav said...

Go India!!!!!! Made me wish I was in India to celebrate! My parents just started Dancing in our dining room in the morning! haha

Swati said...

@Nav it was a wonderful moment which made 1 billion Indians to celebrate... :)
It was like a festival in India... people were on the streets in mid nite.

Thx for stopping by.

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