Friday, 22 April 2011

Good Friday With Spicy Baby Potato

I am enjoying a luxurious weekend as I have got a Friday off too **smiles**. The week days are too hectic with home and work and even last few weekends were busy too... *sub, sub*... But finally i have got a long weekend and i have time to invest where i want too.... YEY YEY!!!
I have not tried something new in my kitchen since long. so today i started playing in my kitchen and tried the Spicy Baby Potato(i will say it try only coz i was preparing it for the first time.). It was yummy ... :)

    8 baby potatoes peeled
    1/2 cup chopped onion
    1/2 tea spn cumin powder
    1/2 tea spn coriander powder
    2 tbl spn thick curd/yogurt
    1-2 tea spns chili powder
    1 tea spn ginger-garlic paste
    1 tbl spn lemon juice
    Salt as per taste

1. Prick with a fork or put some deep slit marks with a knife on all the potatoes.
2. Grind onions(preferably without water) to a smooth paste. Add onion paste and all other ingredients, except oil to the potatoes and mix well so that the potatoes get a thick coating of potatoes all over. The yogurt should be very thick so that the mixture remains thick.
3. Leave the potatoes for around 1hr.
4. Heat oil in a non stick pan and add the potatoes with the masala. Close the lid and let it cook on a low flame for around 15mins.
5. Preheat the oven at 350F for around 5mins. Take the potatoes in a greased bake ware and broil at 350F for around 10-15mins(till the coating has turned brownish).
6. Serve hot with lemon juice.

Benefits of Baby Potato :
* Baby potatoes are less in calories and naturally fat free. Thus, they can be part of low cal diets.
* When used with skin on, they are a good source of fibre. Fiber is essential to maintain body weight and is good for digestion. It also helps reduce existing cholesterol levels.
* They are a moderate source of vitamins, namely folate, Vitamin C, B1 and B6. These vitamins help in normal functioning of the nervous system and the heart, promotes healthy maintenance of bones, gums, teeth, and helps body resist infection and stress.
* They are also a good source of minerals like iron and potassium which are required for healthy functioning of all cells, nerves and body fluids of the body.
* It does not contain any cholesterol which helps reduce risk of heart disease.

Happy Good Friday to you all :)
I hope everyone has a nice weekend(as i am having)!

With Love


shooting star said...

yeah, this 3 day weekend has brought lots of cheer
for working couples!!!

will try out this recipe of urs sometime!!!

Swati said...

Thx for stopping by... :)
Do try it..
I loved the spicy potato too much and will prepare them again.

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