Monday, 30 May 2011

First 3 months of blogging!!

In Last few days, i have noticed that i have start getting the new visitors from on my blog. It really means that my blog is finding its existence in the big world and m loving it. The first three months of blogging have really been great and i have found some amazing people here.
I also noticed that my follower numbers is increasing/ decreasing by 2 people. I get a new follower and one stop me following. Which make me feel like do i write so bad. Let me clarify, I am not a professional writer. In fact this is my first attempt in writing anything, so i cannot be the best but i am trying to improve.
Other thing, People starts following the blog and expect follow them Back and i really do. But after a few days back they stop following back(This is not the first time that has happed, Its been more than 3-4 times). If you are really not interested in reading my blog, don't just follow me for the sake of increasing the follower in your list. And if you stop following it after i follow you, do you think i am moron and i'll not get to know. 
I follow the blogs in two scenarios: 
1.I like some blog and i do mention that i am following their blog.
I do not mean that coz i have followed their blog, they have to follow me back. I follow them coz i liked their blog and want to read more from the blog(However if they follow back, i do not mind. Who do not want the readers.) and most of the blogs that i follow do not follow me. So why do i mention that i am following them? Only because i can get attention and  be in contact with the blogger.
2. Someone starts following me.
I generally follow them back coz i find it a good way to interact with new people.And we get to know people only after being in touch with them.Its not like i am just returning their favor.

For any new visitor, i'll just say PLEASE FOLLOW ME ONLY IF YOU GENUINELY LIKE THE BLOG. You might find me rude but thats the way i am.

Last but not the least,I am really Thankful to the people who really like my blog for its originality. THANKS AGAIN.

PS :  Shopaholic Jiya is hosting a give away on her blog which is open internationally. She would find the closest option of specification on her websites and send it to u. 
The give away will close  by June 12, 3.00AM IST (5.30 PM EST). To visit the blog click here

With Love

Sunday, 29 May 2011

Indian look on Birthday

Hey lovely people,
Sorry for being mia for some time but its not my fault. I had been facing issue with the blogger and was not able to log in. Initially i thought , it must be some bug with blogger but than i found that everyone else is posting on their blog. There had been some weird thing that has happened with my account but i finally got it back. Did someone else also faced the issue?

Well i'll start with my Birthday.I had a wonderful day and had cake ceremony two time- at home with husband and office with colleges, followed by a dinner date with the husband. Birthday is the day when you are really treated special by everyone almost everyone (love it).  I wore a saari on the birthday which i do not wear in my daily life or i'll say i dont know how to wear it perfectly.And you guys will not believe it took me more than a hour to get it done but the point is i got it done.. YEYEYE... Here is a pics in sari and do tell me if i did a justice to it.
Please excuse the not so good picture quality (as it was taken in the night) and serious expression.

Actually i started something else for the post but could not complete it for some reasons. So it is a quick post on my birthday updates. Hope you guys understand.
So howz you guys doing on your weekend?
With Love 

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Its my Birthday.

Yes, this is the day when i came to this world 6783 days before(don't be scared. i have not calculated the days manually) . Birthday is always the best day of the year as you get the text/ call from all the family , friends and relatives to whom you have not ever talked since months. You'll start getting calls since mid night and even they will call you in the early hours of the days(the time you, at-least me, do not even wake in normal days).
We had a mid night birthday celebration that was planned by Husband. He had an office party last night. so he secretly got the cake and hide it somewhere at home and than left for the party. He came late from the party and i thought, he might forgot to get the cake(i have checked the fridge). But he got it from somewhere at exactly 12 and made me feel special again(as he always do). 

Other than the calls and wishes, its a normal day. I am working even today **sub sub** but yeah definitely go for a dinner with hubby. I wish i have my family and friends with me here in Hyderabad and we could party hard till late night. But never mind, will surely gonna enjoy with the hubby dear.

I had read a post on Tanvi's blog  some time back where she wrote somethings about her. As its my B'Day, here goes 26 things about me:
1. I am full of life and believe to live every moment of my life.
2. I have a very supporting and loving family(who has supported me in all my decisions )
3. I have world's Best Husband(i know every women woman thinks the same.)
4. I have grown and brought up in a very small town of India. (Whatever i am today is coz of my family.)
5. I feel myself proud for the decisions i have taken and i don't regret for anything.( Everything turned out good at the end..:))
6. I was a Tom Boy till my +2 and start behaving like girls in my graduation.
7. I love to travel however i do not get a lot of chances to travel as we both are working and stay away from our family.
8. My husband always say that sometime i still behave like child(he is correct. Some time i really could not control myself)
9. I work as a s/w professional for almost 4 years(rvery lately realized that its really been 4 years. )
10. I had a few bad experience with the friends but still i have a few true and loyal friends(who understands me really well)
11. I am very emotional and trust people easily(i know this is really bad but thats part of my nature. I am trying to change it.)
12. I am mad about SHOES.(i'll no tell the counts here but they are too many but i still need more... hehehe)
13. I am a thorough reader(can read almost everything) but not a good writer (but still started blogging)
14. I have a big junk foodie (specially love Indian chat and pani-poori)
15. I believe if someone is doing a favor on you, you have to return it(in any form
16. I can not sit ideal and need anything to do. I love to be occupied.(of course not in the office work all the time. )
17. I love to paint and DIY things.(have not painted since last year but will start it soon)
18. I was good in studies (but now i start feeling sleepy when i read something technical.. LOL)
19. I am a very pampered kind of girl(specially from Husband)
20. My Husband and Brother are the BFF's of my life.
21. I love ice-creams and chocolates(actually ice creams more)
22. I have gain 5 Kgs in last 2 yrs(still have a flat belly. Actually my friends say, i was underweight before)
23. I am very Lazy(do not sleep a lot but m lazy)
25 Love music and movies a lot(we go for a movie for almost every weekend condition is, there should be a good movie on the shows and i love Bollywood masala movies )
26. I surf a lot on Internet(for almost everything)

I had been thinking to put some mid night celebration pics on the post but could not get the time to transfer them(**sad face**). So just enjoy a pic with husband from last vacation.

i'll keep growing with years of my life, live the life as it last day and do my level best to chase my dreams.
I hope you like the post.

With Love 

Monday, 23 May 2011

Dialogue In the Dark

Have you ever thought of how the blind people live their life?How they use their senses like touch, smell, listen or taste for everything. Is it easy for them? If you want an answer of all these questions and want to experience the darkness than Dialogue In the Dark is the place. They have their exhibitions worldwide and i'll say its really a must go place if you really want to experience it. 
On the weekend , we have been roaming in the In-orbit mall with friends and had nothing to do(were almost done with shopping and food) and found an advertisement for the Dialogue In the Dark and thought of joining Dialogue In the Dark for a adventurous experience. We had no idea about what it is going to be inside and the experience was awesome.In the exhibition, guides lead us through a completely dark environment where one learns to interact by relying on other senses. The guide was very soft spoken and a quick learner(learned the same of complete group in one shot) and we came to know in the end that she is blind. I have been thinking that she must be a person, who had seen all the inner location of the place in the light and would have remembered it and explaining us now but she was just awesome in explaining and making us feel everything.
She made us use our senses to enjoy everything inside. They have different type of areas created for different sense - touch, smell, hear and taste. The workshop basically gives a rest to your eyes and use the other senses. However i could not close my eyes and even trying to find out something in the complete dark. There was a hope that there might be some light and i might see something what all is their inside... hehehe..
Jokes apart, it had been a very good experience and thinking to join the workshop again in future.

How was your weekend? Do share me in comments.

With Love 

Friday, 20 May 2011

Friday Morning Surprise..

We have been sleeping in the morning and the door bell ring around 8 am. Husband opened the door and got a courier. He put it on the table and fall asleep again. When i wake up and saw a small parcel pouch on the table, i asked Husband- "what is that". He said, it must be  the green tea, we had ordered few days back. But when i opened the parcel, it was the eyeko nail color set that i received from fellow blogger Shopaholic Jiya in one of her recent give away.What a surprise on the Friday morning.Does a girl need anything else if she gets a surprise like this. I was not expecting it to be delivered so early as it was an international order and i won it last week only. I love all the colors on the parcel. Here are a few pics of the product. 

 Product were so nicely packed in box and than in an inner wrapper that can protect them from anything.

  All the products without packaging.

 Eyeko Punk Polish: the HOT PINK color.

 Eyeko Coral Polish: this is just amazing. i am in love with this one.

Eyeko Saucy Polish : HOT RED color. My nail are gonna love it.

Eyeko London Lips Primrose Hill:  This is a free bee that i receive with the order and even i was not aware of this in the package.

I totally love all the product and cant wait for the weekend to try them.  Thank you so much Jiya for this beautiful giveaway.. :)

With Love 

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Long White Dress..

I have been sick from last few days so could not post anything. I am better now but there is nothing specific in my mind to start with. So please bear some of my random posts.
I have always been fascinated with the long white dresses but never had got a chance to wear one **sad face**. Long white dress look very beautiful,elegant and classy and i just love them. My love for the White dress was so much that i wanted to get married in Christian tradition..... hehehe. I am not kidding. I so love the way bride looks in that beautiful white wedding gown. But as our family wanted it to be in Hindu custom, so could not make it... :(
Yesterday, when i saw Soonam Kapoor (an indian actress) in white dress in cannes festival, i again start wishing for a long white gown. Yeah, yeah..... I know you guys will say go and get a white dress for you. Even if i get one, i do not get change to wear them in my daily life. Office is obviously not a place to wear them (hehehe) and as we stay away from the family, friends and relatives, do not even attend a lot of family functions/festivals. So could not try it ever.. :(
Here is a pic of Soonam in the white dress.

I hope i'll get a chance to wear one..
 What you guys think about the Long white dresses?

With Love

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Virtual Life on The Internet

These days, we have been living in a virtual life of  Internet with Facebook, twitter, blogs, orkut(its over now LOL) etc. Its good or Bad? Are not we getting dependent on internet for everything? Is it good or bad?For me its GOOD only but its a kinda addiction.I feel like lost if i do not have internet for a day(except the vacations and holidays)
I don't know about others but, i spend at least 10-12 hours a day on internet for work to personal usage( I know its too much but i am not able to control it). For me its a window to the world where we meet new people, make friend , interact with friendsacross countries, share our thoughts , get the news/information  of rest of the world but this is not all. We do shop online, we order pizza on net etc etc etc... I even did virtual farming and fishing (these are Facebook apps. If someone has been playing them, he/she must be knowing how addictive they are).
Recently, Anna Hazare, an Indian socialist, started a Fast unto death against the Indian govt for the Lokpal Bill(if you don't know about it, you can read it here). For the first day the movement was very peaceful but from the second day, people started talking on Facebook, twitter and in media about it and people started knowing about his cause and started supporting him. They had been reaching to "JantanMantar" to support him and sharing their view and pictures on internet. People who were not able to reach there(like me) were supporting him virtually from all the social networking sites.
This is not the only case where internet has taken a big part, we have seen it many times in both the positive and negative ways.

Virtual life is as necessary as real life as long as you are well aware of your boundaries and privacy settings. However i think, there has to be a limit to this and we should not forget the real life.
What do you guys think?
With Love

Monday, 9 May 2011

Disappointment: Fashion and YOU

faHey People ,
How you guys has been.
I had a very hectic weekend.  The weekend was very busy in hunting a new apartment and i still have not get one of my choice.Apartment hunting in metropolitan cities of  realy a big task which requires both the time and energy(till now i never found a house of my choice in first shot). I did not even feel it like a weekend *sub sub*. 
On the top of this, a big disaster has happened with me. I have ordered a few ambika pillai's cosmetics from Fashion and you and got the consignment delivered today morning. I have ordered 3 products(1 lip-gloss, 1 lipstick and 1 nail color) and i got the mail that my 2 products dispatched. On multiple complains, i got a call that they could not get the product and they are refunding my amount. It been more than 5 days and my amount refund process has not been started.  I am contacting them again and again for the issue but not getting the response.
Now this morning, i got the other 2 product delivered and the worse part is the nail color that got delivered is not the one that i have ordered. If they do not have the products in their stock, why the hell they put them on sale. 
I have ordered from F&U before but did not face any issue. But this time, it's too disappointing. I am facing 2 issues with the same order. I have even read a lot of complains about the product delivery but as i never faced any issue, so i was shopping there continuously but now i am a victim too for their bad service. 
With Love

Sunday, 8 May 2011

Happy Mother's Day...!!!

Mumma, You are the best gift that God can give us. Whatever we have achieved till now, we awe it all to you. You are the best mom one can ever have. You support me in highs and lows.Today whatever i am, it's because of you.You understand my mood perfectly even on phone when i am happy or sad(without even my uttering a word). You are one of my coolest and bestest friend with whom i can share anything and everything. This is not the only day dedicated to you but still today also i wanna say I love you so much.
Happy Mother's Day every one.
With Love

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Love with Gobi Manchurian ♥♥♥♥

Hey people,
Howz you guys doing?
 I have a busy day but somehow managed to leave early from the office(very rare case as i always reach late .. hehehe). So i got some time to spend on TV(on weekdays) and of course for cooking and then i planned to get a surprise dinner treat for the husband.
My Husband love the Manchurian(although he dont like Chinese food but manchurian is exceptional) and so i thought of preparing the Gobi Manchurian for him. When He saw the the dinner, he was surprised(more surprised as i cook it after coming from work) and i love the smile he has. There cannot be anything better to get him Happy and I love to do it again and again....♥♥♥ . Lets not go much into our LOVE... ;)
Here is the recipe , if you want to prepare.

  1. 1 medium Gobhi (Cauliflower) broken into medium size florettes
  2. 3/4 cup Flour (Maida) 
  3. 1 tbsp Corn Flour 
  4. Salt to taste 
  5. 1 Chopped green chili
  6. 1 Capsicum cut into medium pieces
  7. 11/2 tbsp Garlic Paste
  8. 11/2 tbsp Ginger Paste
  9. 1 cup finely Chopped Onions 
  10. Finely Chopped Coriander Leaves 
  11. 1/4th tsp Ajinomoto 
  12. 2 tbsp Soya Sauce 
  13. 2-3 tbsp Tomato Ketchup 
  14. 2 tbsp Oil
  15. 1/2 tbsp Garam masala 
  16. 1/2 tbsp chaat powder
  17. salt as per taste
1. Make a paste of maida, corn flour and salt using water.
2. Take a tsp. of ginger and garlic paste, add it to the paste. Add 1/2 tbsp salt and mix well. 

3. Dip the gobi florets in the paste and deep fry till golden brown. Keep aside.If you are left with some of the flour mixture , keep that aside.

4. Get the extra out out using the paper napkin.

5.  Heat oil in another pan and add the left ginger & garlic paste, chopped onions and green chili to it. Cook for 5mins  till it get brown
6. add Capsicum and cook for 5-10 mins.
7.  Now, mix aginomoto, soya sauce and tomato sauce to it.
8. Add the flour mixture, it will make the thick gravy for the manchurian.
9. Add fried Gobi kept aside and mix well. Cook it for 5 mins .
9. Garnish it with coriander leaves. Serve the gobi manchurian hot.

P.S. The recipe might be a bit spicy as i add the masala's to it. I love the spicy food and the taste reflects in all my cooking. If you do not like the spicy food, go ahead without the garam masala and chaat powder.

With Love 
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