Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Its my Birthday.

Yes, this is the day when i came to this world 6783 days before(don't be scared. i have not calculated the days manually) . Birthday is always the best day of the year as you get the text/ call from all the family , friends and relatives to whom you have not ever talked since months. You'll start getting calls since mid night and even they will call you in the early hours of the days(the time you, at-least me, do not even wake in normal days).
We had a mid night birthday celebration that was planned by Husband. He had an office party last night. so he secretly got the cake and hide it somewhere at home and than left for the party. He came late from the party and i thought, he might forgot to get the cake(i have checked the fridge). But he got it from somewhere at exactly 12 and made me feel special again(as he always do). 

Other than the calls and wishes, its a normal day. I am working even today **sub sub** but yeah definitely go for a dinner with hubby. I wish i have my family and friends with me here in Hyderabad and we could party hard till late night. But never mind, will surely gonna enjoy with the hubby dear.

I had read a post on Tanvi's blog  some time back where she wrote somethings about her. As its my B'Day, here goes 26 things about me:
1. I am full of life and believe to live every moment of my life.
2. I have a very supporting and loving family(who has supported me in all my decisions )
3. I have world's Best Husband(i know every women woman thinks the same.)
4. I have grown and brought up in a very small town of India. (Whatever i am today is coz of my family.)
5. I feel myself proud for the decisions i have taken and i don't regret for anything.( Everything turned out good at the end..:))
6. I was a Tom Boy till my +2 and start behaving like girls in my graduation.
7. I love to travel however i do not get a lot of chances to travel as we both are working and stay away from our family.
8. My husband always say that sometime i still behave like child(he is correct. Some time i really could not control myself)
9. I work as a s/w professional for almost 4 years(rvery lately realized that its really been 4 years. )
10. I had a few bad experience with the friends but still i have a few true and loyal friends(who understands me really well)
11. I am very emotional and trust people easily(i know this is really bad but thats part of my nature. I am trying to change it.)
12. I am mad about SHOES.(i'll no tell the counts here but they are too many but i still need more... hehehe)
13. I am a thorough reader(can read almost everything) but not a good writer (but still started blogging)
14. I have a big junk foodie (specially love Indian chat and pani-poori)
15. I believe if someone is doing a favor on you, you have to return it(in any form
16. I can not sit ideal and need anything to do. I love to be occupied.(of course not in the office work all the time. )
17. I love to paint and DIY things.(have not painted since last year but will start it soon)
18. I was good in studies (but now i start feeling sleepy when i read something technical.. LOL)
19. I am a very pampered kind of girl(specially from Husband)
20. My Husband and Brother are the BFF's of my life.
21. I love ice-creams and chocolates(actually ice creams more)
22. I have gain 5 Kgs in last 2 yrs(still have a flat belly. Actually my friends say, i was underweight before)
23. I am very Lazy(do not sleep a lot but m lazy)
25 Love music and movies a lot(we go for a movie for almost every weekend condition is, there should be a good movie on the shows and i love Bollywood masala movies )
26. I surf a lot on Internet(for almost everything)

I had been thinking to put some mid night celebration pics on the post but could not get the time to transfer them(**sad face**). So just enjoy a pic with husband from last vacation.

i'll keep growing with years of my life, live the life as it last day and do my level best to chase my dreams.
I hope you like the post.

With Love 


Divina Joy said...

Happy Birthday Swati! I love this article you wrote. You and your husband are so sweet.

Precious said...

Happy birthday!

Vivek Nanda said...

Wish You A very Happy Birthday...may god bless you ...
Nice picture of both of you..

Kiran Bajaj Sawhney said...

A very happy birthday to you.
Lots of love

Asta said...

Happy Birthday Swati!

Swati said...

thx a lot guys...
your wishes made my day even more special...

Francesca R said...

Happy birthday then!
Thanks for dropping by, I don't see you following me but I follow you anyway!
I like this post, it says a lot of things about you!

sartorial diary said...

omg my birthday is on the 25th of may too!
talk abou co-incidence!
great post, learnt some interesting facts abt u!
and oh happy belated birthday!

Linhy said...

Happy birthday swati!!

Leia said...

Happy birthday to youu! Hope you have a great day!


Marianna said...

Happy B-day!!!!
Thanks for following, I'll follow back!!!

Pop Champagne said...

happy birthday! haha I was a tomboy until I was about 18 too :D

Shoppingaholic Jiya said...

OMG, I missed ur birthday. Happy birthday. may god bless you and give u loads of happiness.

To ur comment: yes it makes me sadder when I see that they don't ship at all. :(

Shruti said...

Very sweet picture. Belated happy b'day Swati! God bless :)

Swati said...

Thx again gals.. you all are so amazing that i still feel special(even 5 days after my B'Day)

R.S.kamuni. said...

Spuer style.

pavani reddy said...

enjoyed reading ur 26 things!!!
lovely blog!!!nice skirt

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