Sunday, 25 December 2011

Merry Cristmas !!

Hello People,
Wish you all Merry Merry Christmas.Hope you're Having great holidays and our Santa must have fulfilled all your request.We do not celebrate the Christmas here but i love the way market and mall are decorated for the Christmas and new year celebrations and we are going for shopping followed by a dinner date.. :)
This outfit was in my drafts since weeks but i could not post it. So thought of posting it with the Christmas wishes.. :)

On Me : Jeggings: Levis, 
Top: Splash worn as Tank here
Shoes: Marks & Spencer
Bag: Oestrogen
Ring, Bracelet, stud, neckpiece : Crunchy Fashion

Now i am going to get ready for my todays' plan and You guys enjoy the post.

With Love 

Saturday, 3 December 2011

A Few Realizations !!

A few things about me that i have realized lately:
** I am getting bored with the things very easily. I start something with my full energy and than after a certain period of time, its all over and i have to move on to something else.
** I cannot resist the wastage of energy resources like power, water ( at least at my house) and can every stop doing anything to close a light/ fan or water tape that is not in use.
** I need one more vacation. I know i am just back from a vacation but i am not recharged to get back to work and need a really looonnng vacation(yes, this much long only)
** Working for your own gives you more satisfaction than working for someone else. Mr Husband used to tell this always but i am realizing it now.
** My time to reach office is even reaching 11 am now(i used to reach office by 10 am before while my office starts with 9 am) as i can't wake up early in the morning. In-fact i woke up late than before.
** Its better to directly say NO instead of just talking about here and there and than feel bad.
** Mr Husband is out of town again and I MISS him. :(
** I still miss my cosmetics that i lost with my bag.
** When you enter into a new task/world, only after that you realize the actual complications of it. Everything seems fantastic from a distance.
** Being Lazy is not a best thing in the world but it still feels awesome.

On ME: Top: Thrifted from Delhi
Jeans:  Levi's Signature
Shoes : Gift from Bro.
NeckPiece Ring : Crunchy Fashion, Bangles : Thrift-ed 

With Love
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