Monday, 30 May 2011

First 3 months of blogging!!

In Last few days, i have noticed that i have start getting the new visitors from on my blog. It really means that my blog is finding its existence in the big world and m loving it. The first three months of blogging have really been great and i have found some amazing people here.
I also noticed that my follower numbers is increasing/ decreasing by 2 people. I get a new follower and one stop me following. Which make me feel like do i write so bad. Let me clarify, I am not a professional writer. In fact this is my first attempt in writing anything, so i cannot be the best but i am trying to improve.
Other thing, People starts following the blog and expect follow them Back and i really do. But after a few days back they stop following back(This is not the first time that has happed, Its been more than 3-4 times). If you are really not interested in reading my blog, don't just follow me for the sake of increasing the follower in your list. And if you stop following it after i follow you, do you think i am moron and i'll not get to know. 
I follow the blogs in two scenarios: 
1.I like some blog and i do mention that i am following their blog.
I do not mean that coz i have followed their blog, they have to follow me back. I follow them coz i liked their blog and want to read more from the blog(However if they follow back, i do not mind. Who do not want the readers.) and most of the blogs that i follow do not follow me. So why do i mention that i am following them? Only because i can get attention and  be in contact with the blogger.
2. Someone starts following me.
I generally follow them back coz i find it a good way to interact with new people.And we get to know people only after being in touch with them.Its not like i am just returning their favor.

For any new visitor, i'll just say PLEASE FOLLOW ME ONLY IF YOU GENUINELY LIKE THE BLOG. You might find me rude but thats the way i am.

Last but not the least,I am really Thankful to the people who really like my blog for its originality. THANKS AGAIN.

PS :  Shopaholic Jiya is hosting a give away on her blog which is open internationally. She would find the closest option of specification on her websites and send it to u. 
The give away will close  by June 12, 3.00AM IST (5.30 PM EST). To visit the blog click here

With Love


Asta said...

aww..i know what you mean and you are right..i follow the blogs I like and to return the favor.

Francesca R said...

You are totally right about this! I agree with you.
As you and Asta I follow what I like and return the favor!

Haze said...

Congrats on 3 months! Blogging is really fun, and at the end of the day you are doing it for yourself so keep it up :)


Kiran Bajaj Sawhney said...

Oh! But I like your blog and will continue to follow you.

Divina Joy said...

It happened to me once, you know, someone stopped following me. It hurts at first hehe. I can totally relate.

Congratulations! Three months is great and I admire your commitment. I've been blogging for a month now although I joined blogger last Nov. 2010. It is fun, yet challenging.

Swati said...

Thx for your comments girls.. I think you guys are the reason, why i am blogging.
I don't care how many followers i have unless i am getting the readers who can provide some feedback so that i can improve.
All in all i am enjoying it and thats most important.

Shoppingaholic said...

Thank you for posting about the giveaway hun.

You are so true about the following blogs.

-Follow the blog only if you like the what that person is writing about.- Follow few bloggers who are constantly in touch with you, they mean a lot to me and everyone. You gradually become best of friends. :)

Keep it up girl. <3

Pop Champagne said...

yeah I know exactly what you mean, this post should be on every blog post as a disclamer haha! i hate people when they say "follow me and I'll follow you" like whats the point it means you're not gonna read my posts anyways!

Tanvi said...

I agree with Pop Champagne!! :) I feel the same way!!!

Also, try refreshing the page. Like I cannot see any image on your blog right now either. May be blogger is acting up again! :(

♡ from ©

Indie.Tea said...

I feel the same way about followers. I don't follow back just because they followed me.
Here's a good article on why you should not:

Leia said...

I hate those 'follow me and i'll follow you' comments too!


Linhy said...

I know the feeling!!!

Rachit said...

Welcome to the world of blogoshpere. :) And, none is a born professional writer, over the time we learn to be one. Happy blogging. :)

Francesca R said...

Have a nice day Swati!

Laura said...

Congrats for your 3 months!!! Have a nice weekend!!

Gayatri said...

Very well said. Someone wrote to me, "I love your blog. Please follow me." and I stupidly thought she genuinely liked it. Once I followed her, forget commenting, she never even visited my blog again! Live & learn I guess!


Swati said...

@gayatri actually many of the people do it just for the sake of follower count. But if one don't have a reader how does the count matters?
It's just a show off to the world that you have loads of readers while the actual readers are only a few of them

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