Monday, 9 May 2011

Disappointment: Fashion and YOU

faHey People ,
How you guys has been.
I had a very hectic weekend.  The weekend was very busy in hunting a new apartment and i still have not get one of my choice.Apartment hunting in metropolitan cities of  realy a big task which requires both the time and energy(till now i never found a house of my choice in first shot). I did not even feel it like a weekend *sub sub*. 
On the top of this, a big disaster has happened with me. I have ordered a few ambika pillai's cosmetics from Fashion and you and got the consignment delivered today morning. I have ordered 3 products(1 lip-gloss, 1 lipstick and 1 nail color) and i got the mail that my 2 products dispatched. On multiple complains, i got a call that they could not get the product and they are refunding my amount. It been more than 5 days and my amount refund process has not been started.  I am contacting them again and again for the issue but not getting the response.
Now this morning, i got the other 2 product delivered and the worse part is the nail color that got delivered is not the one that i have ordered. If they do not have the products in their stock, why the hell they put them on sale. 
I have ordered from F&U before but did not face any issue. But this time, it's too disappointing. I am facing 2 issues with the same order. I have even read a lot of complains about the product delivery but as i never faced any issue, so i was shopping there continuously but now i am a victim too for their bad service. 
With Love


Leia said...

This is so annoying, I really hate it when companies have bad customer service! You should write a bad review and send it to a magazine/newspaper ;) (or at least threaten to do so, then you will get your money back in a flash, hehe)


Tanvi said...

I agree with Leia!!! You should totally voice this. You have a medium! :)

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Swati said...

yes gals... I have done the same thing..
The best thing, now a days, is facebook. Every e commerce company has their FB pages and they do not want a negative effect on their other customers.
I posted my my concern and this review blog url on their post and they called me back... :)

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