Sunday, 5 June 2011

Random conversation with Husband #1

Last week, We had a reception party of one of my colleague. Here is a conversation with the husband.

Husband: Which shirt should i wear (Showing two shirts)?
Swati : This one (selecting one)

Husband: ok.. but i could not find the shoes for this in the shoe rack.
Swati: Just check the bedroom wardrobe. There are more shoes. (I dont have a big shoe rack. So shoes that i do not use in daily life, i kept them in boxes of the room wardrobe)

Husband : There are a no of boxes. can you check?(thinking.... I dont want to check all the boxes.)
Swati : Baby, i am wearing the saari. Could you check it by yourself.(wearing saari is really a big task for me and Hubby dear knows that.)

Husband opened the first box, than second, than third and could not find his shoes in the wardrobe.

Husband: You really have loads of shoes.(Having a question mark on his face)

MORAL OF THE STORY: Husbands really don't know what and how much (of anything) is there in your home.
I do most of my shopping with husband and he is the one who  always encourage to buy when i am confused about something. Even than he don't remember all of that but that's good for me and i can shop more, more and more .....  LOL.

With Love


Francesca R said...

This conversation is soooooooooo reminding me of my hubby and me!!!

Laura said...

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Leia said...

LOL, funny story!


Linhy said...


Divina Joy said...

LOL Funny how they forget a lot of things...

Kiran Bajaj Sawhney said...

Very Cute.
Got a busy and hectic working week- as I have written in my last post. So am not posting much. But I am around.

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