Sunday, 26 June 2011

(Not so) Formal Look

The best thing i like about my current office is that you don't need to be in the complete formal dress. You can dress up with the way you are comfortable like some formal, casual or traditional look.They don't care about how you are dressed but they are more interested in your work. That's actually good, i don't need to dress up in the boring formal look everyday. But it takes a lot of time in the morning to decide when you are allowed the casual wear in the office and for me its even worst to wake up in the morning, fix the breakfast and get ready for the office. I hardly have reached office at 9 pm(unless there is some meeting or calls in the morning). Does it happens to you too or you are punctual for the timings?

I wore this outfit on the other day for the office and i am totally in love with this shirt.This Shirt i saw on Fashion and You and fall in love in first sight. I got it delivered quiet some time back but have not wear it ever. While cleaning up the wardrobe last week i found it lying in a side and i immediately got it out to style it for the office.

Shirt: Entise (from F&U )
Jeggings: Lee
Shoes: Bata
Bag: AIVA (from yebhi mention it here)
Belt and Bracelet: Local boutique 

I recently bought these ballerina from bata for as low as INR 300($6). Brand new shoes just for $6. Can you believe this. They are really cute, comfy and perfect for the rainy season.

With Love


Francesca R said...

Ooooooooooooooh I love those ballerinas!
I am generally on time but it depends on traffic

Asta said...

i love that shirt and the shoes.

Tanvi said...

Love this look! Very smart. The shirt is specially great!

♡ from ©

Kiran Bajaj Sawhney said...

very smart.
I love those shoes.

Ioana Liliana said...

Very cute, and such pretty colors!


ana said...

Love this outfit! your flats are sooooo pretty!

Leia said...

Bata is so good! Their prices are always so low. How nice that your office is flexible about what you can wear!


Roberta said...

so pretty! :)

Swati said...

Thx girlies for your beautiful comments.

Patrycja said...

nice blog!

Anula said...

Gorgeous outfit!! Great bag!!

Patricia Torres said...

oooohhh.. I love.. love those shoes.. so so pretty!! gorgeous!! Love the colour.. I like the bag.. infact the entire outfit.. wow!!

nikki said...

lovely shoes !! and yes I found d same shirt at FNY bt when I thought of buying it, my size was gone!!~ :'(

Swati said...

i think i too bought the last piece in my size.. :)
and never found these shirts again on F&U.

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