Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Discrimination ... but WHY?

Why there is a gender discrimination between the Man and woman and why it is even more for the married woman?WHY WHY WHY???
I am an IT professional and i do not consider myself less than any of my male colleague. I have worked late till 2 am in the night when it was required( it was from home but still i worked late), few times i was so involved in the work that i left at last from the office. When i do not consider myself less than any other what the hell the other people do.

You  guys might be thinking why i am so fade up. So the reason is: I have been rejected twice for the US visa just because i am married and they assume that i might be a potential immigrant. Why? coz i am married.
Does that mean a married woman cannot travel for business purposes if she is applying  it after her wedding and has her Husband's name on her passport. In both the times, most of the questions are related to my personal life like what my husband do? where is he? with which organization he is working etc etc etc...They did not even ask for any document from the company(other than passport and visa application). while a married male is not even asked anything about his wife's career or personal life. Why is that?
 I know they really deal with the cases where people misuse the B1 visas but you cannot consider all the cases as same. If you are not sure about the purpose of the travel, do check their docs and company's docs but how can you just reject the visa coz i am married.

You(readers) might be thinking i was very desperate to travel abroad and thats why i am reacting so bad. NO, I have no issues if i am not travelling. In fact, i am happy that i do not need to stay away from my hubby but the thing that annoyed me here is the gender discrimination. If there would have been a different reason for visa rejection. i would not object said anything. Why can't people deal them equally.
Enough for today.Now I am feeling a lot better after writing this post as i got a lot out from me.

With Love 


Jahn 'n Style said...

i can understand your frustration!! discrimination is really irritating

Swati said...

@Jahn yes.. its very very very frustrating...
How can they just reject the visa coz i am married...
and that is not the only place where we face the discrimination.People has to really change their mind towards women.

Tanvi said...

I know what you mean! Any form of discrimination is just unbearable!

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uhooi said...

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