Friday, 15 April 2011


This one i wore for the grocery shopping on last week. I  really wanted to wear this tunic but with some colors. So i matched it with bright tight and handbag.
This one i wore for late night drive ICE CREAM treat with my hubby.

There was nothing in my mind to have a post so thought of having a outfit post.When i browse through my laptop, found these pics in my plaid tunic.I have wore this tunic multiple time by mixing it with different colors. As the tunic is in black and grey , i am always a bit conscious to add the colors to my look(or you can say i don't have expertise in matching the colors but m learning ).
BTW if you are thinking about post title, here is the reason: As i told you earlier i don't have anything to write or in other words, i am totally blank, i have got this title from my work. Polymorphism is a OOP's concept that we use in C++, java etc(i use it almost everyday in my coding). 

So how do you like Polymorphism with my tunic and what is your mix and match style. Do share with me.

PS: The pink handbag is the one that i am talking here. I just love it.

With Love


Leia said...

I just love all the bright pink!


shooting star said...

im liking the first look as it got a pop of color!!....

Swati said...

thx gals for stopping by and providing ur precious comments..

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