Sunday, 9 October 2011

Black and White !!

PS: If you are unmarried, you might not be interested in the post. 
So (if you want) you can directly move to the outfit.
Today i read the give status post on FB.
If u are single, they ask about BoyFriend/fiancé. 
When u have a fiancé, they ask for wedding. 
When u get married,they ask for children. 
Once u have one,they ask for another. 
if u get divorced,they ask why. 
If you try to start ur life again, they ask why so quickly. 
People never like what u do.
 If u are proud of who u are & don't care about what people think, share it, because it's your life and you should live it the way you want to.People Get A Life !!!

Well i did not repost it as i hate spamming on FB and i dont need to prove anything about anything but while reading this message, i realize that i am also going though one of its phase (the third one). Its going to be 3 years(in few months) of my wedding and a few questions that has been asked me again and again by the family/ friends/ relatives/ neighbors are: When you are going to have a kid? Its been years(feel like i got married few centuries ago), why you guys are not planning for the kids? Well its our personal life and our decision when we will have a child. Why the hell do you care about it. If i'll get a child, are you going to feed him/her? Who is going to take care of the child? Its none of your business what and why are planning about our life. We are happy with our current life and do not want to have more responsibilities, why do you poke your nose in my personal matters. We too want to have the child, but why do you care about WHEN? We will have it whenever we want to have one.

Its easy to explain the family, what we think and what we are planning about but when it comes to relatives or neighbors, i really don't understand what should i reply them and why should i explain them. There is always a age difference, so we cannot be so rude also and sometimes it becomes very complex to explain. In fact i feel they have nothing to with our life and these questions are asked just to know what is happening in our life.

Did you also face the same situation? If yes, what you did?

On the other node, this is what i wore on Sunday for shopping with cousin.
Black and white is my all time favorite combo and i wear it whenever i am confused while dressing up. As i told here before, one need to very conscious when dressing up in Hyderabad, I wore the tights with this floral dress.

A closer look .. :)

I so love these booties. They are a perfect combo of heels with comfort. I got them from ASOS some time back but never get a change to wear them coz of the weather conditions (its too Hot here). I really wish we would have some winters in Hyderebad also so that we could also enjoy the Fall items like boots and all.
ON ME::  Floral Dress: Pantaloons
Booties, Tights: ASOS
Bangles, Loops : local boutique

With Love


pavani reddy said...

fabulous outfit swati..soo sophisticated n chic!!!
whr r u located in hyd??

Rahul Bhatia said...

Just came across your post and found very interesting thoughts!!Agree with you that a lot of people like to pry... Nice outfits

nitika said...

sexy bootssss ~~ and well I am going thru a similar phase- my studies are getting over next year by March- and my relatives have started asking my parents to start looking for eligible grooms for me or else I would get OLD and won't find a nice guy later !!
I am unable to make them understand that I want to do a jobbbbb and dont wanna get married for atleast 2-3years.. But well its no use talking about it until unless I really have a job in my hand !! so am just hoping to get placed soon !! : )

keschen said...

amazing outfit.. love your booties :)

i'm having jewelery giveaway on my blog so check it out:


Gayatri said...

Love your booties Swati! Who cares if it's always hot? Wear whatever you feel like wearing!

And about those children questions, I used to get very irritated until I asked my husband to handle them. Nobody has the guts to ask him anything. So I'm safe, for now :)


Francesca R said...

I have one kid and everybody keep asking about a possible second!
I adore this B/w outfit! You look beautiful!

Tanvi said...

I know EXACTLY what you mean. It has happened to me so many times that I cannot even remember the count on.

And you know what, I wrote a post on the exact same thing 2 years back. Check it out if you have time.

Anonymous said...

I was married for 5 years before I had a child...and now what do you think people ask me? When are you having a second one? It never ends. Unfortunately.

You look gorgeous! Love the shoes.

Swati said...

@ pavani thx girl. I stay in Ameerpet area. Let me know if you are visiting hyderabad. We can catch up some time.

@Rahul Bhatia
thx you sir. A positive feedback about your work is always encouraging.

@ nitika
Well i was lucky that i have 2 elder cousin's who were unmarried. So i was never asked for the question at college time and that's why these questions now irritate me more. But as you said first get a decent job and than deal with those relatives. People are going to ask us questions on very situation as they love to interfere in others life.

@keschen thx that you like the outfit and the shoes..

Swati said...

@gayatri that's a good idea. I too have asked Mr husband to handle all these but even than there comes the times when he is not around and people start questioning me on the same topic. I hate it and literally want to shout but control myself to avoid extra drama.

@Francesca, @
thx. I feel these are never ending questions/expectations from people. Even if they have nothing to do with it, they will not leave a single change to ask the questions about your personal life.

@Tanvi LOL.. every married girl is suffering from the same problems. Read the post too... :)

t said...

Nice outfit!

Shruti said...

Looks like these questionnaire thing is never gonna end for girls. I am sure it might be painful for you to talk about your 'family plans' with people. I can Imagine this happening to me few years down the time. I am gonna give them left and right! LoL.

I love your booties.... SO much. I din find them on ASOS :-(

Swati said...

@t thx
@shruti LOL.. i second you. This questionnaire will not end until people will stop interfering and ooking into other's life. So be prepared for the second round of questions.. hehehe

I got these booties few months back and i think they are out of stock now. bad luck.. :(

Jahn 'n Style said...

Oh!! I dread for that question (3rd one)!

you look so chic! love those shoes!

Fictitious Fashion said...

Love the boots and tights!!!
Thanks fr your wonderful comment on my blog :) Keep visiting :)

goodbadnfab said...

The pictures are so inspirational. Thanks for sharing! Please check out my blog when you get a chance.
the personal style and fashion musings of a LA fashion lawyer living life in the fab lane

nivi said...

lovely outfit.....i just luv your boots girl!n about ppl interfering in life...well i think their own lives are so uninteresting that they desperately find interest in other's lives.......

FashionPhD said...

DAMN nice shoes!

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