Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Mixed Prints and a Figther

Last Night I read a post at Kiran's blog about Navjot Kashyap. I will not talk anything about Navjot here as even i dont know much about him and visiting his blog fr the first time. But after going through the post i can say that He is a fighter and has a strong will to live the life. Many of us give up when something wrong happen but he is not only fighting but also working even at this stage.

He made me realize that we are so blessed with the most important thing of any life that is Health but do we ever thank God for proving us a good health or for a loving family or a good job? I am not getting spiritual here but most of the times we are just complaining about the things that we don't have in life or what others have and ruin our life in the charm of those things forgetting about everything that we have in our Life.  If we ever try to look into our lives what all we have that others dont have, we will realize that how blessed and lucky we are to have the current life. Life is not to waste for the things that we don't have but its all about being happy and enjoying the things that we have. I am not saying don't be ambitious but  don't just let your ambitions affect your life's happiness. Everything in life have their own place and we should not let one part of our life dominate over the others.

Lets move Forward to the outfit:
 This is what i wore today for the office. Nothing Fancy but a basic shirt with a beautiful floral pants which is my recent purchase. The little flowers are not visible clearly in the pic but they are so cute. I have already posted here that i am not an expert while it come to mixing the prints but i try it whenever i feel to and i am loving the outputs.
 These pictures are taken after the work and i had even removed the (only few) accessories that i was wearing. I am very obsessed with he side tails these days and doing it almost everyday.
On Me: Shirt : F&U
Pants: Forever21
Shoes: Gift from Mom
Belt: With the Jeans



Asta said...

omg, i just bought a shirt today which looks exactly like this. we have good taste. hehe


nitika said...

loved ur shirt !!
PS - can you tell me how to get this tool to block right click function ( where we can see different options like open in new tab ) ?


Gayatri said...

Thanks for sharing this story Swati. Every so often we focus on the things we don't have. A reality check like this truly makes us value what we do!

Nice pants! Looking very chic.


Swati said...

@asta LOL.. seems we have same taste too.. :)

@Nitika thx girl, will send you the stes in FB msg.

@gayatri I was really touched when i read the post and them i visited his blog. After reading his blog i did not realize even once that he has some health issues. I really appreciate his his will to fight against life.

pavani reddy said...

u have an amazing blog swati...even i m frm hyderabad..

Francesca R said...

I totally share your thoughts about life and health.
I am really loving thos floral pants and I like the way you gìhave styled them!

Leia said...

Cute! :)


nivi said...

love your posts swati!so many times i sit down to write a comment but then just cant manage coz my lill one wakes up........we really do not cherish this wonderful gift called life as we shuld.....one inspiring post that is....anyways regarding your outfit....love the shirt....n the pants......:)

CHULALA said...

1st of all ur beauty my God n
2nd nice post and gr8 blog,
come check awt my fashion
blog and lets follow each
other like twitter :) Chuchu-chulala.blogspot.com

Sovina said...

You can hardly go wrong with blue and brown..nice combination..i think these pants would look amazing with some pink, orange or even yellow.lovely pick :))


Bonnie said...

I have been looking for a top like yours for such a long time now. I just can't seem to find the perfect one.

Twitter: @GlamKitten88

PAPS said...

So true. Sometimes we take things for granted that we forget to be thankful for what we have.

Swati said...

@pavani thx girl. Its nice to be in touch with you.

@Francesca, @Leia thx girls

@Nivi Yeah.. i can understand. Being a Mom is tougher than any other job but it has its own charm.

@CHULALA thx for visiting. will sonn be there on your blog..:)

Swati said...

@Sovita thx for the suggestion. Will definitely gonna try these pants with other colors too. For the office purpose, i just played safe.. :)

@Bonnie ahh.. thats so sad.. Hope you get one sooner.

@Paps yes, Very true. I feel to realize the value of what we have, we should look for the people who are trying to achieve what we already have.

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