Saturday, 3 December 2011

A Few Realizations !!

A few things about me that i have realized lately:
** I am getting bored with the things very easily. I start something with my full energy and than after a certain period of time, its all over and i have to move on to something else.
** I cannot resist the wastage of energy resources like power, water ( at least at my house) and can every stop doing anything to close a light/ fan or water tape that is not in use.
** I need one more vacation. I know i am just back from a vacation but i am not recharged to get back to work and need a really looonnng vacation(yes, this much long only)
** Working for your own gives you more satisfaction than working for someone else. Mr Husband used to tell this always but i am realizing it now.
** My time to reach office is even reaching 11 am now(i used to reach office by 10 am before while my office starts with 9 am) as i can't wake up early in the morning. In-fact i woke up late than before.
** Its better to directly say NO instead of just talking about here and there and than feel bad.
** Mr Husband is out of town again and I MISS him. :(
** I still miss my cosmetics that i lost with my bag.
** When you enter into a new task/world, only after that you realize the actual complications of it. Everything seems fantastic from a distance.
** Being Lazy is not a best thing in the world but it still feels awesome.

On ME: Top: Thrifted from Delhi
Jeans:  Levi's Signature
Shoes : Gift from Bro.
NeckPiece Ring : Crunchy Fashion, Bangles : Thrift-ed 

With Love


PAPS said...

Well I get bored very soon too. I also start something with a lot of enthusiasm and the lose interest. Love the red blouse.

pavani reddy said...

nice outfit swati..awww missing ur cosmetics..the only way out i think is some cosmetic shopping..

Divina Joy said...

Being lazy is not the most fascinating thing but it is so tempting to be lazy. However, I hate being unproductive so I want to fight laziness.

It is really hard to combat laziness and to wake up early. My friends call it heroic minute because you're like a hero when you wake up early. That's true. Until now I still struggle to be a hero. lol

nitika said...

Even I feel very strongly about energy management.. nd become very fussy about it many a times.. But I make sure to save as much energy I can on my part..
Loved ur top.. Nice color : )

Gayatri said...

Great post. I cannot stand the wastage of energy sources either. I get really annoyed. Love your top Swati.

Rahul Bhatia said...

A sweet post! Something not doing anything is so enjoyable!

Swati said...

@Paps These days i am like this only Loosing my interest from work,blogging, dressing up and almost everything which is not good..

@pavani bought new one but have not got the one i lost. They were collected from different places.. :(

@Divina If you call it heroic than i am a fighter who fights everyday to wake up early everyday but fails and decide, tomorrow, will definitely win by the sleep.. LOL

@Nitika, Gayatri That's really a good habit and if everyone start thinking the same, we can save so much of energy resources.

@rahul thx .. yes.. sometimes its enjoyable but the other few times i feel like i have wasted so much of time doing nothing..

Purvi said...

I also like being lazy but only for a little while :) :)

Francesca R said...

You will recharge your batteries I am sure.
Maybe you you stick to immediate objectives.
I love that top and the necklace and you don't seem bored in these pictures!!!

Divina Joy said...

Oh yes, you are a fighter. Who isn't? hehehe

Leia said...

Being lazy is fun sometimes! :P


shooting star said...

like the way u have matched the top and flats!!

Tanvi said...

Life is hard, eh :) It all works out in the end. I hope and pray for everyone!!!

♡ from ©

Linhy said...

love this outfit it totally suits you!

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