Sunday, 25 December 2011

Merry Cristmas !!

Hello People,
Wish you all Merry Merry Christmas.Hope you're Having great holidays and our Santa must have fulfilled all your request.We do not celebrate the Christmas here but i love the way market and mall are decorated for the Christmas and new year celebrations and we are going for shopping followed by a dinner date.. :)
This outfit was in my drafts since weeks but i could not post it. So thought of posting it with the Christmas wishes.. :)

On Me : Jeggings: Levis, 
Top: Splash worn as Tank here
Shoes: Marks & Spencer
Bag: Oestrogen
Ring, Bracelet, stud, neckpiece : Crunchy Fashion

Now i am going to get ready for my todays' plan and You guys enjoy the post.

With Love 


pavani reddy said...

love the outfit n the bracelet swati...have a nice day girl!!

nitika said...

u look great.. Nice outfit !!! especially the bag !!
Merry Xmas !! : )

shooting star said...

season's greetings!!!

the bag luks nice ..and i like the bracelet too!1
and the pumps are chic!!

Gayatri said...

Merry Christmas Swati! Looking so cute!

Rahul Bhatia said...

Merry Christmas Swati! lovely outfits!

Summer-Raye said...

Merry Christmas

Linhy said...

love the shoes darling!

PAPS said...

HAPPY NEW YEAR and hope you have a great year ahead. Love the color combo.

Vijay said...

From the source of Cool Blogs

Getting in to New Avatar

Actor Ajith and Me(Vijay)

Leia said...

Looking cute!


pavani reddy said...

hey swati..hw u been ya...just thought of checking since its been a long time...hope everything is fine with

Tanvi said...

Long time no news?! :) Hope all is well.

∞ © ∞

chp_dzn said...

Such a quirky bag! <3

Megha Sarin said...

Love the yellow tee and the bag looks interesting <3


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