Friday, 18 March 2011

Online shopping, kinda amazing....

Hey Guys....
How are you doing??
Today i got my next pair of shoes from and so i thought of writing a post on online shopping... :)
I had shifted to Hyderabad 2 years back and i was really getting bored to go for shopping here as most of the high street brands are not available in Hyderabad. Collection is also an issue even on the regular brands. Initially i create a list of my shopping items and when i visit to my mom's place, i used to shop in Delhi. But the time was very limited to go for shopping as the leaves are restricted to a week or two.. :( :(
So i started looking for some online stuff and found some really amazing sites. Now my 60% of shopping is part of online. This is really amazing to shop staying at home and not bothering about heat and time. :)

I love shoes and even this time i have bought the shoes too. So here is my haul from online shopping :
nude pumps :
 (could not get a decent pic of my sexy shoes, so posting a pic from site but are are super cute and very comfortable ..... love them )

wedges: (An Indian shopping site)
(I love the cute bow on these wedges. They are freaking cute and i got these shoes just coz of the cute bows on the side.... )

Here are some tips for online shopping:
1. Shop at Secure Web Sites and research the Web Site Before You Order(in case you are ordering for the first time)
2. Read the Web Site's Privacy and Security Policies.Every reputable e-commerce Web site offers information about how it processes the order.
3. Search for the same product on different sites to find where you can get the lowest price.
4. Some sites offer a free shipping but other sites have the shipping charges per order/product . Always check the shipping charges you are going to pay .
5. Keep an eye open for discount coupons either listed on the seller’s website itself, or elsewhere on the internet.
6. Check the size/measurement of the product you are buying and match it with your requirement.
7. Always store the copy of your bill, till the product get delivered.
8. Some time, even the most cautious shopper can end up with purchases they don't want, purchases that don't fit or purchases that they didn't even order. So always check the return policy for the site.
9. Check for the different payment options , website is providing and use one that best suits you

Hope this will help you and do let me know, if you like my shopping.


Tanvi said...

Oh Online shopping is an addiction! Asos is one of the best out there! :) Great Tips!!!

from ©

Swati said...

thx Tanvi...
u r one of the bloggers who forced me to start blogging and sharing my things with the world....

nikki said...

loved ur ASOS shoes.. I haven't had an experience of buying with it yet.. bt wd do it soon !! : )
PLUS- they have the best part- FREE INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING !! am gonna try it soon !! : )

PS- tried following u.. bt stupid firewall at our college has blocked few things,.. so am unable to do so..wd do it soon !! loved ur blogg !! :)

Swati said...

Thx for stopping by my blog.
Do try ASOS. They have a wide variety of products that only on free shipping. You are gonna love shopping there.

PS: they have some discounts sale running now, check that out.

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