Thursday, 21 July 2011

Color me RED

A friend cum reader asked a question to me that why do i crop my face in the photograph that i post on the blog? while i share the photograph over the facebook page.
Actually there are two reasons for this. First,that concerns me more, is the misuse of pictures. I had faced this issue when orkut just started and did not had any security settings (if you have joined at that time, you must have an idea how bad it was), I posted some group photographs with my friends on my profile and a guy(whom i didn't know) downloaded the pics and posted them in his profile. Once we post something on the web, we have shared it to the whole world and even if we remove it from our profile, its still can be there somewhere. As i told over the blog here, i take time to open up with people and over the web, its all virtual and i don't who all is visiting the blog, i am just avoiding that. May be with time, i will get more confident on sharing the stuff over the web. I know you must be thinking, if i am so afraid of all this, why don't i stop blogging. Buts that's me.. :) I have posted my complete pics before here and here, its just like i play safer. 
Secondly, most of the time, my face comes in weird/funny expressions in the pics so i just crop them too... ;). See i am sleeping again in the pics.

This is what i wore the other day for shopping, followed by the dinner. A very basic and comfy outfit containing tunic and tights with some accessories.

I tried to fill the color in the outfit with red tights and accessories.I think they made the outfit a success. 
Tunic: W, tights, neckpiece : Westside, bangles : Yebhi
wedges: Inch-5

A closer look of the bangles.

With time i start getting the pain with the heals and switch back to the comfy ballerina.
Super cute ballerina : Gift from mom

Do you also feel the same on web privacy?

With Love 


Harman said...

yep ...I agree...guys do misuse the picture plus you never know what problem is coming inn..
its a good thing to be safe and at the sametime share ur thoughts and pictures.
I had faced the similar problem and now keep myself at bay from all these picture issues!
the tunic looks good!

Asta said...

yep that red tights def adds fun element to the outfit. you look great.

deeps said...

What matters is whether or not you are happy with it, I guess :P

Lipsy said...

yeah loved the combo you have created
Completely agreed to deeps comment above...about web privacy

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From Broadway said...

love the wedges !!!

PAPS said...

Yes it is so true. You never know. I try not to use too many of my photos too.

Linhy said...

love those tights very hot on you Swati!!!

nikki said...

yea !! I soo agree with you !! I have started my blog just 2 mnths back.. Wanted to do some outfit posts.. but the fear of picz gettng misused is stopping me !! But I guess I'll overcome dis fear soon !! : )
And hey I loved the red tights!! : )

Francesca R said...

I LOVE this colorful outfit!!!!

Tanvi said...

Love this color combination :)

♡ from ©

NRC♥ said...

cute pumps


Leia said...

I used to feel the same way about privacy but after having a web presence for a few years and not having a problem, I don't mind showing my face!


Agam said...

I so so agree with you..I recently posted the same concerns on my blog as well :) I have twice posted my full pictures, but it makes me really uncomfortable if not scared!!
Love the colour blast with red!! Its such a rich shade :)

Kiran Bajaj Sawhney said...

You have coordinated your outfit well.
I like W and westside both.
I do not have much of hassles putting my pics on my blog (as you must have noticed).


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Shruti said...

Nice tunic and the color combo looks fab.

shooting star said...

nice tunic, saw this on sale at W but did not pick up as i got too many black/grey tunics already!!!

im totally with you on web privacy...not so long back..i also used to crop my face in the blog pics....until i learnt how to put watermark..and i make sure to watermark in such a way that anyone who attempts to copy my pic cannot use it simply coz part or whole of watermark is on my face!!!!

FB is very secure so i do upload pics on them...but still i get frnd request from many weird guys~!!! i have made my profile pics view able to all( so that my friends can find me easily!!)

CreativeMama AKA Aditihi's Amma said...

Oh my DD loves RED and does not part with shocking Red Sandals!

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Francesca R said...

And I have to add that I feel the same as you that's why I use a fake name. Yes my face is gonna be all over the web but at least my name is safe (hopefully)

ClassyandFabulous said...

those tights are so nice and bright :)!!

Swati said...

@Francesca R Like the idea of showing the face and hiding the identity.. great mind..

Swati said...

@shooting star i think all the girls on any of the social networking site face the same issue of getting the requests from unknown and weird people. I dont why the hell they think that they will send the request and the other person will accept it.. LOL

Gayatri said...

Those tights look great! That kind of tomatoey red is my favourite colour actually!

And I am also paranoid about privacy on my blog. That's why I've never done a clothes/fashion related post. Hope to get over my paranoia soon :)


Swati said...

@gayatri i also feel the same that's why i generally crop the face.

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