Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Wrong Perceptions : Who cares

Does it happened to you that the people have some wrong perceptions about you and think exactly opposite to your personality? It has happened to me quiet a few times. However someone's thinking really do not affect me but still before one dont know me how can they judge or make perceptions about me.

A couple of years back, one of my close friend told me that in the very first few initial meeting, she thought that i have got a lot of attitude and it's going to tough to be with me. But when we started knowing each other, she found me completely different. I  gel up with people easily but when it comes to approach some one personally for the first time or in initial conversations, i hesitate to take the first step. But once i get in touch with one, i try to maintain our relationship loyally.
The other thing is, if i do not find a frequency match in thinking with someone, i try to maintain a distance between us. So that even if we do not agree on some point, we can share a healthy relationship. If you think this as i am giving you attitude, i don't care. I don't want to waste my time thinking in all these craps. 
Recently i got to know that one of my colleagues was telling someone else the same thing. I have communicated him multiple times and found that we think exactly in two opposite directions which made me to communicate with him on very required  topics. If he so thinks that we can be friend, why don't he talk to me directly. 

Initially, when i leaned that what someone is talking about me on my back, i used to get annoyed as he/she is trying to ruin my name in public but after a few times, i realize, who knows me will not believe the other one and who  don't know me why the hell should i explain this to them.
Now I am a person who really don't care what image people have about me and live the life as i want it to be like a free bird... ;)
Did you face the same thing ever?

With Love 


Francesca R said...

I happens to me as well. I was really upset at the beginning, now as you said i don't give a dime! And I am more relaxed!

nikki said...

yeaa i know d feeling!! has happened to me a lott many times.. bt the thing is most of the times our perception for sme ppl is wrong.. until nd unless we talk to him/her personallY!!
Its just human nature @!! :)

PS- thanks for stopping by my blog.. following u !! : )

Swati said...

@Francesca R actually that's the best way to get out of it. Let the dogs bark.

Swati said...

@nikki yes, it happens for having the wrong perceptions but talking about them at someone's back is not acceptable.

Thx for following me.. :)

PAPS said...

Wow you hit it. It happens so many times now I don't bother with this type of thing any more either. As you say real friends know who you really are. So dont bother about it. Thanks for visiting my blog. Like to follow each other?

Leia said...

I try to ignore it when people talk about me behind my back!


Pop Champagne said...

people talk behind others backs all the time oh well I don't let it get to me anymore :)

Kiran Bajaj Sawhney said...

I perceive you as such a wonderful person. Easy to gel with. Fun to be with.
Yes, do not bother/care about people's wrong perceptions.

Swati said...

@Leia, Pop Champagne
talking behind your back is even worst than the wrong perceptions. We can't stop anyone so let the dogs bark..

Swati said...

@Kiran thx you so much for your kind worlds.
i am flattered.. :):)

Agam said...

Thank you so much for your kind visit to my blog and for your lovely comment.
I guess its inherent of people to be judgmental and frame opinions about you without even knowing you. Such things personally affect me a lot..but its wise not to let them pull you down.
Probably what they think of you is indicative of what you thgt they were :)
Pls visit my blog again, if it interests you can follow me..i shall be happy to do the same :)

Vivek Nanda said...

This is so very common..People always perceived me what I'm NOT actually...But as you said- this hardly matters...Btw, the general observation that people have about me is- they find me better when they know me better :)

Tanvi said...

I too think it happens to all of us at one or the other point. Our friends and family know us the best and that's what matters. Everyone else can go take a hike! :P
♡ from © tanvii.com

Agam said...

Thank you for following :) Pls keep in touch!! <3

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