Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Being in relationship!!

Few days back,I had been talking with my friend who is planning to get married this year which is supposed to be an arrange one. Arrange marriages are part of Indian Culture, in which parents or the family members find a match for the girl/boy and we still have approx 80% marriages that are arranged. But most difficult part with arrange marriage is to meet the person and decide weather they are gonna make it for the life together or not. Its tough to decide in a few meetings. That's why she was confused, afraid of the changes that will happen in life after the wedding and what if she could not take the right decision. She asked me, How i feel after getting married. Well i obviously feel good and lucky to have D as my Husband. But here i am not going to discuss my relationship but what i feel is there is no rule in a relationship. Every two person are different and so do their  behavior and expectations. So every relationship is different and cannot run by the rules.

However, a lot of trust and a bit of adjustment can make a relation successful. No one in the world is perfect. In-fact there is nothing called a PERFECT MATCH but there are perfect relations and its up to you how we take your relationship. If you are expecting something from your partner, do remember he/she might also have the same. He cannot go for shopping with you everyday or she might need some space for her friends or family. When  both the person in a relation remember this, they are gonna happy forever.

Lets move to the outfit. This i wore on monday for the office. Nothing fancy a printed top with a pair of denims(my all time fav). 
 Its a very old top which has a length with some cuts. While cleaning my wardrobe i got it out and did a DIY to get it ready to wear and I am in love with it. Well who will not, it has beautiful print, its in chiffon and it has detailed work on neck. What else is needed.
Top: DIY, To old to remember
Jeggings: Levis
Flats: Gift from Mom
Belt: Westside (Not visible in the pics)
Excuse for the low quality pics, as they were taken by me  while i was getting ready.

With Love


Muhammad Israr said...

yes...there is nothing like a perfect match and most of us ruin our relationships because of expecting it to be perfect....
P.S. nice pics as always :)

Dorota said...

I love your shoes!have a lovely day!

Francesca R said...

I quote you word by word! I feel the same when I think about my marriage!
I love your blouse!xx

Swati said...

thx Israr.. Most of the time Expectations ruin any kind of relationship weather its love/ friendship or anything else.

Swati said...

@Dorota I love them too and they are very comfy.. Thx to Mommy... :)

Swati said...

@Francesca That was a long tp with some cuts at different places. Got a DIY and these days,m totally in love with it.

Nav said...

yeah touchy subject about the arrange marriage. I am myself doiing a love marriage. I have seen many arrange marriage which went well and some others not so much.

Good luck with yours!! ;) you look nice here!

xo Nav

Sovina said...

nice post..Ours is an arrange marriage and I do hear all your friend's feelings, but then you have to take the plunge sometimes and I don't think love marriages are any easy than the arrange ones..


Swati said...

@Nav thx for your wishes but mine is also a love one that got arrangd.

@Sovina yes i agree with you. A love or arrange mrg does not matter until there is a frequency match between the two. So its all about the people and not the type of mrg.
But i do not like the arrange mrg process in india like the guy will see the girl, his family will see the girl and than they are gonna make a decision..

PAPS said...

Now a days you see so many divorces taking place. It is sad but sometimes it is because that give and take just not take place. Some understanding from both sides can go along way.
You are so right on this subject.

Sovina said...

thanks for the love on the blog :)

Following you now!


Jahn 'n Style said...

you are right! the most difficult part is to meet the person and decide he/she is the one!
nice post!
Ilove your printed top :)

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