Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Color Bomb

Hello people,
Its really been long that i have not posted anything but i was really busy not only with work but has health issues also. Got the food infection again and had to go to hospital again and again for different tests told by different doctors. These doctors sucks specially when they write about the blood tests as i suffer from big needdle phobia. I know it might feel silly to afraid of needles at this age but i can't help it.I have gone through a no of tests in last few months but still i am not able to recover my Trypanophobia.

Lets move on the outfit. Its been more than two years of my stay in hyderbad and i have realized one thing that you cannot dress up in all latest trends when you are in the Hyderabad(other than only a few places). The people are very simple from their style and generally you will find them in traditional dresses like girls mostly wear only Shalwar kameez or kurti (kind of tunic) and that too are going to be very traditional style. You will not find anything from the latest trend here on the roads. I so miss Delhi/ Mumbai for all this. I know some people from Hyderabad is not going to like this but this is what i feel. People here are good from heart and very simple and helpful but i really do not like their dressing sense. 

I wore this few days back for the shopping and i must say, it turned a lot of heads especially from the girls. It might be because of the outfit or the colors i used in the outfit or the style. Whatever it was i enjoyed dressed up like a color bomb. I love colors (well who don't) and most of the time add a pop of color to my outfit. But here i added  loads of colors in just one outfit. Looking at the pictures i feel, i could have avoided 1-2 colors but that's ok. This is the way we learn.... Right.

As i was already loaded  with colors, i kept the accessories to minimum.
Top: Remanika
Tights: Splash
Bag: Yebhi
Shoes : Bata

How you guys have been doing?

P.S. : Please excuse any typo mistakes. I have got the new laptop and my hands are still not set on its keypad.


TheGirlAtFirstAvenue said...

I've been living in Hyd almost my entire life and i agree with you... People here dont experiment with their clothes I dont know why!!
Its a very selective crowd, one that you find in hot shot malls or pubs, that experiment and get creative.. but rest of them play it safe. Even though they are dressed neatly and look stylish, you wont find the latest trends... definitely not on the streets!

Asta said...

hi Swati. i love it. you look great in colors. 

nitika said...

hahaha !! I can totally understand what I feel- because back at my hometown- Ludhiana, the same thing happens !!
but you look greaT !! : )

Vivek Nanda said...

Exactly...Color Bomb, and that bag is so coool..

Nav said...

Love the outfit...its a great thing to have heads turned. wear it here in canada, the place I live in - it will turn alot of heads!

good gutsy girl :)

xo Nav

Swati said...

@TheGirlAtFirstAvenue yes, other than a few malls and pubs, its tough to find latest stuff here.
Thx for stopping by..

@asta thx girl. :)

@nitika hahaha.. we are in the same boat but you visit home for some time and i live here... ;)

Swati said...

@vivek thx.. i too feel like a color bomb..

@Nav thx girl.. i love it when people turn and notice my dress/ style.. :)

For trying it in canada, i have to first get my visa which already has been rejected twice for US. So forget about canada... LOL

Muhammad Israr said... realy is a color bomb :) i wonder why didnt it roll heads of boys :P

Leia said...

I love the bag! :)


shooting star said...

I have been to Hyderabad and do agree with you on the fashion trends aspect!!

aah those flats from bata...arent they super comfy..i bought two in different colors and have been wearing them regularly in the rains....they are totally the perfect shoes to wear in the rains!!!

color bomb..yes...but a pleasant one you look!!

Francesca R said...

I love this color block!!! Great combinationa!

Swati said...

@Leia i love it too... :)

@shooting star yes, these shoes are super comfy and a perfect choice for the rainy season..

@Francesca R thx a ton.. :)

Sovina said...

love the color blocked look..the belt is super cute..though I might have skipped the bag..nice blog :)

Swati said...

@Sovina. yeah.. looking at the picture i too feel the same..

Lipsy said...

we have recently moved to a small city...yes a small city in chhattisgarh..much much smaller in outlook than I can understand you dilemmas but there's a fun in it too...loved your color bomb outfit and yes it to three colours would have been better idea...we all learn like this:-)

PAPS said...

Very true. Sometimes we want to dress up but the people are too simple around that when we do dress up they star. I have experienced this couple of times myself. Colorful outfit

Hasini said...

luv the colors used for color blocking.. want that green top..

Swati said...

@Lipsy thx.. When i come to color blocking, i really dont follow the 3 color rule but yes, i agree, here i could have avoided at-least the bag.

@Paps Yeah. In hyd, even if i try to be simple for my office/ daiy life, even than i feel more fashionable than the people in my office.... hahaha

Swati said...

thx Hasini..
got this top from Remanika brand from shoppers stop, India. Not sure, how you will get it.

Gayatri said...

I really really really like your bag. And the top is awesomely bright :)


kylieprice said...

i love your blog so much and you look absolutely gorgeous in all your pictures! please do another blog post soon! wedding makeup artist Sydney

Swati said...

@gayatri.. thx.. i too love it.. :)

@kylieprice thx for stopping by and for your wonderful comment.. :)
will definitively post as sooner as possible.

pavani reddy said...

i compeltely agree wit u though being a hyderabadi...u can find latest trends only in hifi malls n pubs...

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