Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Reason for (Not) blogging

Last night while trying to sleep, a lot of thoughts running into my mind. One of the thought that came into my mind was - Why i had started blogging if i could not post regularly. Which lead to me 5-6 months back when i get to know about the blogging world. 
One weekend, I has been goggling something(could not recall what) and end up landing on some fashion cum beauty blog. I am not sure about that blog as i am not following/in touch with that but while exploring the other blogs in its list, i found some interesting blogs and than I dedicated my complete weekend reading those blogs and find some new one. I know about the blogging since long but i always had read some technical or business blogs and had never thought that fashion/ beauty blogs can be so popular. After going through all those blogs, i found a connectivity with them- I love dressing up, love to go out, sometimes experiment in kitchen too and the best part is you can put up almost everything on your blog that is there in your mind. So I started this blog.
But in reality, blogging is not a piece of cake specially to post regularly with the rich content and/or pictures. In-fact, Blogging needs as much as dedication as any other job will need. Its very easy to say that i can also do what He/She is doing but when it come to actually implement than you come to the the pros and cons  of anything like not everyone can  pose on a public place for their blog.
The initial few months went in excitement but after that i am posting very less. Sometime i do not have  camera or Mr. photographer  is not there, than sometimes my mind is blank and the other times i feel lazy to writing something, sometimes office does not allow me to have time for my passions and than sometimes i forget to take pictures when i get dressed.  I know these seems like excuses for not to blog(i think i can write a book on that) but they are genuine one. I am really amazed how other blogger post regularly. I really respect the efforts they took to post on regular basis.
So i have decided that i am also going to post more frequently now and if Mr Photographer is not available, will try to capture them myself.

 This i wore today for the office. As Mr Husband is out of town, i decided to take pictured my myself. I promise once i'll get Husband back in the town and i am going to post the better quality pics.

On Me: Top: Miss Player
Jeggings: Levis
Belt: From mumbai store
Earrings: Splash
neckpiece: Dazzling bling
These tortoise earring are from my recent purchase, and i wanted to wear them. So i matched my earrings with the neck-piece and I loved it how they looked with Blue-White combination
A closer pic of the earrings and neck-piece. As the pictures are taken from mobile, they are not doing the justice with them but they are cuter in real.

How you feel about blogging? Is it easy for you?
With Love


Asta said...

i love the shoes. you look great.


Muhammad Israr said...

yes i guess bloggin regularly is a difficult thing to do and especially reading all other blogs and commenting and replying...i wonder how people manage to post many times a day!!!...
P.S. awesome outfit...:)

Leia said...

I don't really think about whether blogging is easy for me or not! I just find it fun, so I do it :)


Gayatri said...

Blogging is easy for me because I post only twice a week and that too, without outfit posts. So the effort is much lesser. But what works for me if I'm really busy is setting small goals like "I will post by Sunday" ... It's lame, but it helps!!! Glad you've decided to post more :)


Magda said...

hello¡¡¡ i love your blog is very cool...
kisses from Mexico :D

Francesca R said...

I am gled to know that you will post more frequently! Lovely outfit and I really like your shoes!

Swati said...

@asta thx
@Israr thx.. i also think the same how people put up so much time and efforts in blogging. But as i am a part time blogger, i am not able to give more time to blogging.

@Leia yes, its fun..:)

Swati said...

@Magda thx for your love.

@Francesca thx .. i am realy trying hard to be more active..:)

Tanvi said...

I am glad someone said that - Blogging is hard work ... and does require dedication - But it is the 'fun' hard work ... which is exciting and I look forward to doing! :)

I still remember your first message to me on FB ... and then soon after you started your blog. I can't believe it has already 5-6 months. Time passes by so fast!

♡ from © tanvii.com

Shruti said...

Don't think that you have to post frequently because others are, post when you want to and when you can. Because all those people you are be looking up to, may not have a full time job or the responsibility being a working spouse. You never know!Right? Your readers, who like your blog will visit anyway.

Like ur casual outfit. Hope Mr. Photographer comes back soon ;)


Swati said...

@tanvi yes, i too feel like its been only a few weeks when i found your blog and got inspired to start blogging. Time does fly when you enjoy something.
I always feel i could blog more but could not coz of the time issues.

@shruti i think you are taking me wrong. I want to blog more often coz i want to but not able to do it as i am a part time blogger and have to give time to job and family but thats not like i want to fllow some one. Its just something i want.. :)

Well Mr Photographer is back after 2 wks travel and will gonna have more outfits posts.. :)

Sovina said...

blogging definitely is lot of work..and dedication. I think that I keep coming back to it bcoz i simply love doing it..I also recently did a post on how to balance blogging with life and lot of bloggers gave some very helpful suggestions..hope that helps :)

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