Sunday, 25 September 2011

Coral and the Wrap on!

P.S.: I have nothing much in my mind. So this is going to be photo heavy post
I am having a super weekend with husband, cooking experiment(recipe post will be coming soon) and arranging my wardrobe. 
This is what i wear on Saturday for -No Reason coz i just wanted to get dressed as  Husband is back home and i wanted an outfit post **SMILES**. Days in Hyderabad are getting hotter as Fall is coming(there is nothing like so called Fall in Hyderabad) and now there are no rains too, so i decided to go for a skirt.

 I got this mid length wrap on skirt from a handloom exhibition from mumbai in 2007 but had wore it just once. It's in cotton, have stripes and perfect for the current weather. So i decided to team it up with a basic coral top.

I wanted to add a belt to the skirt but as its a wrap on and has a knot at the back so could not get it right. A no so closer look of jewelry .
On Me: Top: Splash
Skirt : Handloom exhibition
Shoes: Old to remember
Neck-Piece: Dazzling Bling
Earing: Mumbai Linking Road

If you have noticed, i have not cropped my face in the pics. With time i am getting more confident in blogging but i still have fear of pictures getting misused. But as i want to do it, i am sharing pics with copyright statement somewhere in middle, keeping less changes for reuse.

How you guys are doing over the weekend?

With Love

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Reason for (Not) blogging

Last night while trying to sleep, a lot of thoughts running into my mind. One of the thought that came into my mind was - Why i had started blogging if i could not post regularly. Which lead to me 5-6 months back when i get to know about the blogging world. 
One weekend, I has been goggling something(could not recall what) and end up landing on some fashion cum beauty blog. I am not sure about that blog as i am not following/in touch with that but while exploring the other blogs in its list, i found some interesting blogs and than I dedicated my complete weekend reading those blogs and find some new one. I know about the blogging since long but i always had read some technical or business blogs and had never thought that fashion/ beauty blogs can be so popular. After going through all those blogs, i found a connectivity with them- I love dressing up, love to go out, sometimes experiment in kitchen too and the best part is you can put up almost everything on your blog that is there in your mind. So I started this blog.
But in reality, blogging is not a piece of cake specially to post regularly with the rich content and/or pictures. In-fact, Blogging needs as much as dedication as any other job will need. Its very easy to say that i can also do what He/She is doing but when it come to actually implement than you come to the the pros and cons  of anything like not everyone can  pose on a public place for their blog.
The initial few months went in excitement but after that i am posting very less. Sometime i do not have  camera or Mr. photographer  is not there, than sometimes my mind is blank and the other times i feel lazy to writing something, sometimes office does not allow me to have time for my passions and than sometimes i forget to take pictures when i get dressed.  I know these seems like excuses for not to blog(i think i can write a book on that) but they are genuine one. I am really amazed how other blogger post regularly. I really respect the efforts they took to post on regular basis.
So i have decided that i am also going to post more frequently now and if Mr Photographer is not available, will try to capture them myself.

 This i wore today for the office. As Mr Husband is out of town, i decided to take pictured my myself. I promise once i'll get Husband back in the town and i am going to post the better quality pics.

On Me: Top: Miss Player
Jeggings: Levis
Belt: From mumbai store
Earrings: Splash
neckpiece: Dazzling bling
These tortoise earring are from my recent purchase, and i wanted to wear them. So i matched my earrings with the neck-piece and I loved it how they looked with Blue-White combination
A closer pic of the earrings and neck-piece. As the pictures are taken from mobile, they are not doing the justice with them but they are cuter in real.

How you feel about blogging? Is it easy for you?
With Love

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Being in relationship!!

Few days back,I had been talking with my friend who is planning to get married this year which is supposed to be an arrange one. Arrange marriages are part of Indian Culture, in which parents or the family members find a match for the girl/boy and we still have approx 80% marriages that are arranged. But most difficult part with arrange marriage is to meet the person and decide weather they are gonna make it for the life together or not. Its tough to decide in a few meetings. That's why she was confused, afraid of the changes that will happen in life after the wedding and what if she could not take the right decision. She asked me, How i feel after getting married. Well i obviously feel good and lucky to have D as my Husband. But here i am not going to discuss my relationship but what i feel is there is no rule in a relationship. Every two person are different and so do their  behavior and expectations. So every relationship is different and cannot run by the rules.

However, a lot of trust and a bit of adjustment can make a relation successful. No one in the world is perfect. In-fact there is nothing called a PERFECT MATCH but there are perfect relations and its up to you how we take your relationship. If you are expecting something from your partner, do remember he/she might also have the same. He cannot go for shopping with you everyday or she might need some space for her friends or family. When  both the person in a relation remember this, they are gonna happy forever.

Lets move to the outfit. This i wore on monday for the office. Nothing fancy a printed top with a pair of denims(my all time fav). 
 Its a very old top which has a length with some cuts. While cleaning my wardrobe i got it out and did a DIY to get it ready to wear and I am in love with it. Well who will not, it has beautiful print, its in chiffon and it has detailed work on neck. What else is needed.
Top: DIY, To old to remember
Jeggings: Levis
Flats: Gift from Mom
Belt: Westside (Not visible in the pics)
Excuse for the low quality pics, as they were taken by me  while i was getting ready.

With Love

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Color Bomb

Hello people,
Its really been long that i have not posted anything but i was really busy not only with work but has health issues also. Got the food infection again and had to go to hospital again and again for different tests told by different doctors. These doctors sucks specially when they write about the blood tests as i suffer from big needdle phobia. I know it might feel silly to afraid of needles at this age but i can't help it.I have gone through a no of tests in last few months but still i am not able to recover my Trypanophobia.

Lets move on the outfit. Its been more than two years of my stay in hyderbad and i have realized one thing that you cannot dress up in all latest trends when you are in the Hyderabad(other than only a few places). The people are very simple from their style and generally you will find them in traditional dresses like girls mostly wear only Shalwar kameez or kurti (kind of tunic) and that too are going to be very traditional style. You will not find anything from the latest trend here on the roads. I so miss Delhi/ Mumbai for all this. I know some people from Hyderabad is not going to like this but this is what i feel. People here are good from heart and very simple and helpful but i really do not like their dressing sense. 

I wore this few days back for the shopping and i must say, it turned a lot of heads especially from the girls. It might be because of the outfit or the colors i used in the outfit or the style. Whatever it was i enjoyed dressed up like a color bomb. I love colors (well who don't) and most of the time add a pop of color to my outfit. But here i added  loads of colors in just one outfit. Looking at the pictures i feel, i could have avoided 1-2 colors but that's ok. This is the way we learn.... Right.

As i was already loaded  with colors, i kept the accessories to minimum.
Top: Remanika
Tights: Splash
Bag: Yebhi
Shoes : Bata

How you guys have been doing?

P.S. : Please excuse any typo mistakes. I have got the new laptop and my hands are still not set on its keypad.

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