Sunday, 25 September 2011

Coral and the Wrap on!

P.S.: I have nothing much in my mind. So this is going to be photo heavy post
I am having a super weekend with husband, cooking experiment(recipe post will be coming soon) and arranging my wardrobe. 
This is what i wear on Saturday for -No Reason coz i just wanted to get dressed as  Husband is back home and i wanted an outfit post **SMILES**. Days in Hyderabad are getting hotter as Fall is coming(there is nothing like so called Fall in Hyderabad) and now there are no rains too, so i decided to go for a skirt.

 I got this mid length wrap on skirt from a handloom exhibition from mumbai in 2007 but had wore it just once. It's in cotton, have stripes and perfect for the current weather. So i decided to team it up with a basic coral top.

I wanted to add a belt to the skirt but as its a wrap on and has a knot at the back so could not get it right. A no so closer look of jewelry .
On Me: Top: Splash
Skirt : Handloom exhibition
Shoes: Old to remember
Neck-Piece: Dazzling Bling
Earing: Mumbai Linking Road

If you have noticed, i have not cropped my face in the pics. With time i am getting more confident in blogging but i still have fear of pictures getting misused. But as i want to do it, i am sharing pics with copyright statement somewhere in middle, keeping less changes for reuse.

How you guys are doing over the weekend?

With Love


nitika said...

wow !! I love the color combo !! and that's great that you are coming outta the fear of sharing your pictures !! : )

TheGirlAtFirstAvenue said...

You look pretty! I like your skirt :)
Hyd is getting hotter and hotter na!!

Like i said on my blog, using photoshop its easy to remove the copyright statement or even a watermark.. whether its placed at the end of the picture or in the middle or even if its covering the entire pic..

Disable right click and opening pic in a new window.. that should work better for you :)

Francesca R said...

What happened to a passionate life? I like this title too!
And I love your skirt!

Gayatri said...

That skirt is really pretty Swati. And right now it's getting really cold here so I envy you for the hot weather in Hyd!!


Swati said...

@Neetika thanks Love.. :)

@TheGirlAtFirstAvenue yeah.. it very hot these days.
thx for the suggestion. I have disabled the right click before but double click was still working. Have disabled that too... :)

@Francesca R nothing happened to old title.. hehehe. This title just hit into mind and i like it more than the older one.

@gayatri thx.. we dont have cold here in hyd at all. The min temp that goes here in dec-Jan is even 20-21'C.

Sovina said...

i love the stripes in your skirt and handloom fabric sounds so good..i miss having more handloom options here in US..:)

Muhammad Israr said...

looking lovely in this dress :)

Lipsy said...

Hey Swati...m loving your striped skirt...handloom skirts aresupercomfy and chic for any day in sun or rain...and I am loving this one!!!

Tanya VS said...

U look fab!!!
I love the skirt and top combo


Clara Turbay said...

I like so much your blog and hope you can check out mine soon and follow me if you really like.

Tanvi said...

The skirt looks great on your narrow waist! :D

♡ from ©

Swati said...

@Sovina yeah.. i too love the handloom fabrics and handcrafted jewelry. They are so comfy. In INdia, almost every city must have an exhibition of these in a year.

@lipsy thx. Looking at the pics i am loving it too.Now i wonder why i did not wore it in last 4 years.. :(

@Tanya thx.. :)

Swati said...

@Israr thx a ton.

@Clara will surely visit you. Thx for dropping by and loving my blog.

@Tanvi that sounds YUUMMYY from a fitness freak like you.. :)

nivi said...

luking fresh n pretty lady.......:)

Francesca R said...

I like it! Our blog's titles express who we are!

Hasini said...

You look fab in this outfit.. luv ur blog!!

secretfashionlove said...

Nice blog you got there !
Love S.

Check out our Blog !

sakshi said...

lovely..every post speaks ur beauty and style! :)

Leia said...

Glad you had such a nice weekend!


Leia said...

Glad you had such a nice weekend!


shooting star said...

you are looking pretty...likin gthe skirt very much!!!

have been to hyderabad in winters so totally get your talk on its lack of fall(or winters!!)

Shruti said...

Blue and coral (I see pink) look so good on you. Nice skirt Swati.. and I am glad that you are not cropping the face. you should not because you look pretty :-D

Swati said...

@Nivi, @Hasini, secretfashionlove, Leia
thx a ton girls for the love

@ shooting star thx you so much
Indeed i miss winters sometime..

@Shruti thx girl. It coz of love and support that you people provide me over the blog.

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